Two friends on a mission to find products for glowing skin from day to night.

About Tiff

Tiff is fascinated by skin care – partly because she has sensitive, combination skin. Partly because she’s still learning how to apply makeup without injuring herself.

Some important advice from experience: be careful with applying false lashes and tightlining those eyes, friends.

Tiff’s had both go horribly awry.

Her interest in skin care started when she was young; her first skin care regimen started when she was 11. Her interest in Asian skin care piqued when she got her hands on a Salux in 2012. It was love at first scrub.

Her weaknesses are products with attractive packaging made with natural ingredients or anything that piques her curiosity with wild ingredients or miraculous promises.

When Tiff isn’t off finding her HG line of products, she freelance writes. If you like her voice or her work, get in touch!

About Jan

Jan really does exist and she is just as much of a skin care addict as Tiff, although her posts are infrequent.

Her back story began the summer of 2008 when she traveled out to Seoul, SK. Being exposed to countless of skincare and cosmetic shops in every district, she found herself intrigued by shelves upon shelves of personal care products in pretty much every category imaginable.

When she’s not researching and experimenting with the products you see reviewed here, you can find her empowering youth in leadership and searching for the best-tasting macarons to instagram.

Our Reviews/disclaimer

Reviews on this blog are our opinions.  We’re not experts; we’re just really obsessed with attaining and maintaining nice skin. These are our experiences with these products, so please keep in mind every one’s skin is different.

If not stated otherwise, the reviews are on things we’ve bought or samples we’ve scored.

PR people and companies

Do you have an item you think might be a good fit? Feel free to get it touch and we will talk! We’re happy to receive samples for editorial consideration only. We only post what we would genuinely purchase and recommend.

connect with us (we’re friendly!)

We hold a weekly #bbloggersNA Twitter chat with other bloggers on Wednesdays and Sundays 18:00 PST. Chat and connect with other North American beauty bloggers, enthusiasts and us, of course! We don’t discriminate; beauty bloggers from around the world are also welcome!


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