Three things…mama told me about beauty

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

In honour of moms everywhere I’m sharing some no nonsense advice my mom has imparted and continues to espouse to me.

It’s really good advice. My mom looks over a decade younger than her actual age and she doesn’t do half the skin obsessed things I do.

1. Less is more.

Growing up my mom used to make faces whenever I’d put eyeshadow on or slap foundation on like no big deal.

She had a point.* My makeup was not just super heavy, clumsy (hey! I was learning!) but I also found out I was kind of allergic to a lot of makeup (oh, stories for another day).

But also, any good makeup look is going to be enhanced with a really good skincare regimen. Take care of your skin and your makeup will look pretty awesome. Hell, if your skin looks on point chances are you just use a lighter hand with makeup.

Several years of VIB later and I finally get it. I’ve embraced her minimal message. I get it mom!

Oh, and mom has a pretty minimal skin routine too. So less is more in all aspects of beauty. Her ride or die is Oil of Olay and it just goes to show that you don’t need all the products–or any fancy products–to look good.

* I also think about 65% of those faces were because I was 12 and didn’t have acne or any thing to cover up.

2. Wash and moisturize.

My mom is pretty much the opposite of me. At the end of the day, she’ll just wash her face and moisturize. Same thing in the morning and top it off with some lipstick. She might have taught me to do this a bit late in life–if 11 is too old to learn that you need to do this–but I’ve been pretty religious about it.

Sleeping in makeup or even sunscreen is akin to going to bed without brushing and flossing. It’s weird and gross and I don’t ever do it.

3. Sleep. 

Mom’s imparted a lot of wisdom to me but this has probably been the lesson I still have yet to learn. She’s always tried to tell me how sleep is super important, ever since I was a six and I couldn’t sleep at a decent time.

Sleep–lots of it and of good quality–does so much for your skin. I think this is something most people know on some level and here are just a few studies showing how skin does poorly with less sleep. I’ve seen in it my own skin from experience. The occasional all-nighter and the more frequent youtube binges of late just make my skin look less…vibrant. Poor sleep also affects my habits. I’m less likely to hydrate better during the day, choosing to grab my energy with poor food and sugary drinks to stay awake. My energy levels peter out quickly as does my willpower and I cut corners on my skin regimen, skipping stuff like exfoliation or a serum or two–on the days/nights that I probably need them the most.

Sleep! It’s so important! And it’s free! Why don’t I do more of it?!

Thanks mom. For all the lessons I’ve learned and am still learning from you. And for the genes that make it possible to still be carded well after turning 19!

What were the beauty tips you learned from mom? Leave them below!


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