sunscreen lush moisturizer mufe hd foundation missha snail cream

Empties | January–March

sunscreen lush moisturizer mufe hd foundation missha snail cream

The first quarter of the year saw me go through as much makeup as I did skin care, which is weird because

• I don’t wear a lot of makeup on the daily
• I was going through a massive breakout for the majority of the three months, none of it prompted by my makeup consumption

Oh well. Onto the empties!


MUFE HD foundation | With my old hoarding tendencies I scooped up this foundation by the number my tiny hands could reasonably hold during VIB sales. (FYI: My tiny hands can hold a few of these bottles when prompted with much savings–I’ve gone through 4+ of these bad boys).

This foundation was one of those rare shades that I found was a fit for all seasons. In hindsight it was probably too much coverage for me when I first needed it. I didn’t know what amazing skin I had when I was younger. And honestly—who needs HD worthy coverage all day err’day? I’m not a Kardashian and most of my time is spent in front of a computer. Definitely not me.

But I digress.

This has pretty solid coverage and I’d definitely buy MUFE HD again. It doesn’t feel heavy and it’s not very drying, though on my skin it can be matte (winter only). It wears well throughout the day and—with the exception of summer—I don’t wear a powder on top. At the end of the day it’s a bit dewy, but with a lot of blotting I still have a lot of coverage.

The best foundation I’ve tried to date!

Discontinued; Ultra HD foundation can be found online and in-store at Sephora.

Isehan Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara | I haven’t tried a lot of mascaras, but I don’t need to. After mascara ten, this baby came into my world and showed me what mascara should be like.

It’s a superhero that transforms stick straight lashes and curls and lengthens them. Not just a little bit, like drastically transform them. And it stays like that, unlike other mascaras that have wilted under my straight lashes and just disappeared after a couple of hours. It’s so good I can’t wear sunglasses because my lashes touch the lenses! Actually, that’s really annoying, so I’ll tamp down my enthusiasm for a bit.

Also annoying? The longlasting formula means that it’s a bitch to take off. You really have to work for your lashes to get clean. I’ve never cried while I’ve had this mascara on, but I’m pretty sure if it is difficult to take off with micellar cleanser, oil cleanser and gel OR foam then I’m pretty sure it won’t streak down your face in the following situations:

• a public breakup at Starbucks
• a sad movie
• in the toilet stall at work after a crappy day
• when you get caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella
• when you’re laughing your face off with friends or with anyone else in public

Heroine Make Long & Curl can be found in store at T&T supermarkets

Korres Mineral Foundation | You can tell when something is well-loved (or just old) when you can barely make out the faded descriptions on the packaging.

This is a fair-weather friend at this point. I remember when I was really young and BFF with my powder foundation. Back then I had amazing, though slightly on the oily side skin. This (and all its other powder friends) kept my face from looking like an oil slick and any excess shine in check.

Now I’d have to stick to a mini pot of this stuff to be worth a purchase.

I do like this finish, it’s buildable like most powder foundations and I find that I can easily blend and build the ideal coverage I want. Usually I’m good with two light passes on my face, but it worked well when I wanted to go a bit heavier and conceal spots. I love that this didn’t look cakey, though I did find sometimes that I had to skip or skim this on certain parts of my face. That’s not the fault of the powder though. My skin is a bit drier on my forehead and it’s only natural that the powder wouldn’t look as hot if a lot of it was piled on top.

Despite the limited choices of skin tones (I think ~12) I did find a good approximate that was a bit on the darker side! Worked for me! This was my best friend whenever I went somewhere hot so it was a pretty perfect pairing for my lightly, or not so lightly, tanned skin.

Wild Rose foundation can be found online at Beautylish.


Baby Life Ultra soft baby wipes | Hey, if it’s good enough for a baby’s bum it has to be good enough for my face. At least that was my thinking! I took this and a bunch of other wipes on a trip last year and I just wanted to finish them all before they got tinder dry.

The thing about an opened pack of wipes is that—even with good intentions—I can’t seem to shake the urge to shortcut and remove my makeup or straight up cleanse with one of these things. A double-cleanse or even a regular cleanse is my preferred method but these wipes are total enablers. I can spend the last hours binging on youtube or netflix and squeeze in just one more…after glancing at these wipes. It’s a bad decision all around because not only does my skin not feel quite clean, but I end up loosing a lot of hours of sleep. Not just with the staying up but finding trouble falling asleep after all that blue light.

As far as these wipes go, these were so gentle. That’s no surprise since it’s made for babies. I didn’t have any irritation and, despite its flat texture, the sheet picked up all of my makeup (brows, lips, mascara) and took a good stab at clearing my face of grime and sunscreen.

Worth a buy–just don’t make it a habit!

LUSH full of grace serum | I can’t remember if this is my second or third bar, but all that’s ever left of it is the greasy paper bag that was once its home.

I’ve talked about it a lot and it’s one of those skin care SOS products that I try to have at all times. It’s a cheap and effective winter moisturizer. It’s a dependable and gentle skin soother for those times I may have done something horrid and am paying the price. It has cut redness and calmed my skin on multiple occasions and it’s also really worked well whenever I’ve had a breakout. Surprising because this is a very rich moisturizer.

Definitely worth another repurchase!

Full of Grace serum can be found at your nearest Lush or online.

Missha super aqua snail cream | This is a mini version that came with my full-sized snail cream. I liked the cream because it was my first snail product and it’s light. With further testing of other snail creams, it’s pretty lacking. Still a good, light moisturizer.

This is relatively easy on the snail but it packs a wallop of moisture in this tiny package. Who knew?

It’s very dense and this opaque white cream was used sparingly about 2-3 times a week on my combo/dry (during winter) skin. I used this exclusively on the bits that needed some more TLC: my forehead, between my brows, a bit by my jaw.

It worked well and was one of those things that really helped keep flakiness at bay. I’m glad this was the deluxe sample size, because I don’t think I’d get much use out of a full-sized version.

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Baby SPF 50 | Another baby product. I love baby sunscreens (including my most repurchased love) and I really love this sunscreen. This has to be the most repurchased thing within the last year and I’ve probably gone through at least five. This is good for body and face (though can be a bit rich). It does give a white cast but it’s not so bad, really. I don’t have to pile on makeup to get back to my natural skin tone—which is something that I’ve had to do with other creams. It doesn’t budge, lasts a long time and is sweat/water resistant. If you are prone to crying, it even boasts that it’s tear free. I can totally vouch for that; I’ve never cried when wearing this. Again, not something I can say for other sunscreens.

Natural Reflect for Baby can be found in store at London Drugs.

Stash Amount: $156 CDN

6 thoughts on “Empties | January–March

  1. Wow! You really love that foundation…I never did get to try it and I don’t hear that many great things about the newer version. I love the sound of the Lush serum. I will have to look into it for sure. xxx

    Sal UmmBaby Beauty

    1. Oh no, really? Actually, that’s fine. I’m not really in the market for a new foundation since I bought Cover fx drops. Those things are amazing! As for Lush, I highly recommend! The only tricky thing is storing it 🙂

    1. I know! It kills two birds with one stone! As soon as I found a local place to buy them that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive I started hoarding!

    1. It is! I’ve been using it for about four years and I haven’t turned back. If you haven’t found a waterproof, lengthening, curling mascara–highly recommend. Bitch to take off though. So fair warning!

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