Empties | September-December


I’m going to be honest with you. There are more empties from the last four months, but I took a trip and dumped most of them on the way. It was just too much to take them back home.

I’m so excited about these empties though! So. Ridiculously. Excited.

Cure Aqua Gel (not shown) | It is said that every 12 seconds in Japan, a bottle of this stuff is picked up. Sounds like a good marketing spiel, right? But I can actually see this happening. It’s that good!

This is a chemical/physical exfoliator. It’s like an Italy towel for my face, but way gentler. So bummed to have finished this off.

This translucent liquid is really watery. It may look unassuming, but it quickly goes to work–producing little dead bits of skin in no time and with ease as I rub it in my face. (Sorry, that was probably too much information.)

tl;dr It’s amazing! I love this thing!

Cure Aqua Gel can be found on Amazon. 

Aura Cacia Almond Oil (not shown)| I love this thing! I’ve used it for oil cleansing and it’s amazing. It didn’t clog my pores and it left my skin throughly cleansed, without the squeaky clean feel.

I’ve already picked myself up another one to get through the rest of the winter.

Technically, as per rules of #shopthestash I’m cheating on all my other cleansers (4, all foam) but I figure I’m doing my skin a favour. The skin wants what it wants. I think this is worthy of a loophole.

Marula Oil | I’ve had this for a while and I’ve finally reached the end! I didn’t find that I needed a lot because it was really rich. Probably a smidge richer than what my skin needs at this stage. Still, it was really amazing for those times my skin was starved of moisture.

Despite its richness, it didn’t clog my pores. Overnight applications were really when this oil shines (heh, just kidding–it didn’t really leave a shine). Sometimes I’d put it on a dry patch and wake up to really soft skin.

For the most part I really liked it. However there were a couple things that sort of irked me about this. At around $70CDN for a vial at Sephora, this oil isn’t cheap. There are other oils out there that cost a great deal less than this, though they don’t contain marula.

And then the packaging: it’s really nice, but I noticed with time that its design really compromised the product. If the bottle rolled over, the eyedropper would come loose. Luckily I didn’t lose any oil, but if I had…I’d have been mighty pissed. For $70, I would rather have something that wouldn’t leak at the slightest jostle.

Marula Oil can be found on the US Sephora site (various sizes).

Sheet masks | All the sheet masks! A great deal of my masks are gone, thrown in rubbish bins all over South America. But I can tell you I went through a variety from The Face Shop, My Beauty Diary (one of my HGs), Tony Moly and some random Japanese and Korean ones I happened to get my hands on.

As always, they delivered much needed hydration to my (sometimes) parched skin. <- Mostly due to travel and being at higher altitudes for a little under a month. The key winners out of the bunch that I’ve recently tried were anything My Beauty Diary, specifically the aloes. I took half a box and they were amazing! I used the leftover serum on the days that I wasn’t using a mask and it helped maintain my normal (de-stressed, untravelled) skin conditions.

Banana Boat baby sunscreen SPF 50 | I talked about this before and while it does give me a major whitecast, it’s still my preferred drugstore sunscreen. I picked up the baby version, so keep this in mind.

Normally this is my “active” sunscreen: it doesn’t budge when I work out and it stays for a good while. It can stand a great deal of sweat and it’s amazing. Yes, I look like Casper but, hey. My skin is protected for at least an hour of intense outdoor sweating. I’m a fan.

For a recent trip I brought three bottles of this stuff and finished 1.5 of them (the 0.5 is the one you see before you finished at home). I was at elevation for 98% of my trip, hiking and being outside for most of the day and it was hot and sunny AF for most of my trip. On my family trip, I was the only one who didn’t get sunburned. All I came away with was a minimal tan–on my hands, which didn’t get the Banana Boat treatment as often as they needed.

Banana Boat can be found in store and online at London Drugs and Shopper’s Drug Mart.

L’Oreal Ombrelle SPF 50 | I’ve spoken about this before and it’s a chemical sunscreen that I really enjoy. It’s relatively cheap, has high protection and it doesn’t really give off a white cast.

Two things though: this gives major shiny face. It’s not the best one to use for exercise because I find it not very sweat-resistant. And on a related note, it also stings a lot when I got this in my eyes, which recently, happened fairly often.

Still, I would purchase this again, but I’d pick and choose the situation.

Nature Republic UV non chemical sun liquid | Hmm, turns out the last one wasn’t the last one. I got another bottle gifted to me. This is by far my favourite sun liquid because it’s super thin and fluid while still providing a lot of protection and it goes on matte.

Why babies need to have matte skin, I have no idea. But there you are.

The Face Shop the Smim foaming face cleanser | It took a long time to get through this face cleanser. When I opened it up, I was using this in conjunction with a trial kit of this Smim line. On its own I didn’t find that this was especially drying or irritating (point in its favour!). It was one of the gentlest foam cleansers I’ve tried (another point!). Still, I found this to be a bit meh. It wasn’t bad nor was it especially good.

Cocobody face balm | This is a throwback from way back. I recently picked it up and am sad to see it go. This coconut oil-based balm was one of those things that I’m so glad I choose on a whim. It was exactly what I needed for right now since every winter seems to get more and more intense and brutal. I’m a total lightweight when it comes to braving any type of extreme temperature, but those under

Stash Amount: – $250 CDN

4 thoughts on “Empties | September-December

    1. Thanks Chie! It sounds impressive, but some of those were gifts and I just relied on RRP, but I’m so stoked when I see my empties! And so happy when the sanitation people come to take ’em all away!

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