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If you are anywhere near as attached to things–especially your beauty stockpile–like I am, any sort of elimination is going to be hard.

But I’ve got a pro tip. Go for the easy wins

What are the easy wins?

The easy wins are anything that would be quick and painless to finish or eliminate another way (through discarding, gifting or donating).

How did I do?

With the easy wins method, I’ve gone through most of my samples and a lot of my empties.

The good: 

The easy wins were, well, easy. For my easy wins I went through all the stuff that I could that were close to being empty. It was a way of building up confidence that I could do this no-spend thing for a whole year.

It was also easy to toss samples. They were quick, easy and didn’t require much investment. It also really aligned with another elimination method that I like to use: the 1 at a time principle. Next up for easy wins were smaller tubes of things: deluxe samples, trial kits and the like. They really helped to boost my confidence and clear a lot of little things in my stash. All those little things really do add up. I was surprised to see how much space trial kits, deluxe samples and small items took up. The samples alone were a couple of toiletry bags. All together the “small wins” filled up a basket and a half.

The bad: 

If samples make up a lot of the small wins, there are chances of skin irritation. This–thankfully–never happened but this was always a possibility. Using a bunch of samples that you’ve never tried before simultaneously is always a gamble. Especially if your skin isn’t getting a little break in between. This is probably not the best way to go if the samples aren’t designed to go together (like a trial kit) or if they are products that will be completely new to your skin.

You can get addicted to the feeling of small wins.

The solution: Don’t let the numbers get to you so much. Maybe it’s my competitive nature, but I really wanted the number of empties to increase exponentially each month. But it doesn’t work out that way. I briefly had “empties targets”. Early on, I hit a lot of the numbers that I wanted thanks to the small wins but eventually it petered off. Some months are better than others. I don’t think have targets anymore, but I constantly remind myself that the whole year is an exercise in downsizing. All progress is getting me closer to my goal.

The “easy wins” is but a temporary measure. Unless you have a never-ending supply of samples and trial kits, this method is just a stepping stone. The “easy wins” mentality was a great way to ease in to going through my stockpile. It gave me confidence that it was possible. This method also fed my need for instant gratification and need for novelty–urges I really needed to tame early on in the experiment. It’s done all of these things, but it’s also made it a bit more difficult to use some of my other stuff. Bigger


Do you practice the easy wins rule? How is it working for you? What are your easy wins?
Let me know in the comments below or via social media!

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