Review | Avene Thermal Water

When I first heard about spritzing mists–over a decade ago! *sob*–I scoffed. What idiot went and bought overpriced water to spritz onto themselves?! That’s so pretentious!

And then I went and did just that.

…You know what? I am pretentious! And mists have their place and are awesome at their job.

What is it:

Pressurized filtered water. Can be used as toner, as a refresher to cool you down/bring life to your skin and makeup, soothe irritated and sensitive skin and work as a makeup setter (among other things).


Proponents of the thermal water–company hacks and fervent customers–have said that this spray can do everything from soothe irritated skin (rashes, sunburn, diaper rash, waxing and razor burn) to cleansing and makeup setting.

Other recommended circumstances to use this include during travel, throughout summer and after sports.


No nonsense. Clinical.

This is where Garance and I have our differences. While she despaired about how unchic it was, I was pretty happy. I like when my skin care looks minimal!

First Impressions:

The first time I bought this a lot of things were in play: I was in the middle of dealing with a mysterious skin irritant (of which I have yet to discover the trigger, but has since mercifully disappeared), the peak of my Garance Doré girl crush and a summer that had been strangely oppressing.

This was also at sale the first time I picked this up, so I took it all as a sign from the Universe to get the largest size possible.

In that mindset, I have no complaints from a tube that spritzes water.

My second-fourth tubes were when I moved and this was a necessity.My skin just could not deal with the move. It was not happy with the hard water situation at all and showed me in uncertain terms how unhappy it was. Until I used this, some Créaline and this cleansing routine. I’m convinced this made made my skin (in some small part) very happy.


Summer is misting season. During this time, and during a flight, are reasonable ways for me to use this. I’m emphasizing these two experiences because I know for a fact that there are more reasons to use this thing. Like…if you have hard water and it makes your face all gunky and you have to rinse and cleanse with this. As someone who travels/has lived in areas of hard water and lived mostly with soft water I can tell right away and my body hates it!

Or the times when it’s too hot and you need it to cool down. Or there’s this massive rash/skin irritation and you just need something to soothe it without weighing it down and irritating it further–yeah, there are instances where having a bottle (or a stockpile) is okay. I’ve soothed everything from razor burn to hives and it does work to temporarily soothe irritation.

With #shopthestash I’m not buying a ton of makeup and using what I have. I’m no longer in a climate that requires for my makeup to be set, so I no longer use this in that way. I have in the past, though–it was pretty good!

For me, I’m sticking with the tiniest one from now on. This is a holdover from days when I really needed this. This one time when I got an unexplained reaction to something–maybe a food allergy–which was coincidentally when I read that Garance Doré used this as part of her cleansing routine. It has been a decade-long goal (my mission for the last seven years or so) to have the mystique and allure and sheer awesomeness that Garance has in spades, so I snatched this up quick fast. On sale, no less (totally a sign).

Since my first go-round with this product, my Garance Doré girl crush has waned from incredibly embarrassing fangirling to regular, healthy levels of admiration. I don’t have Garance’s skin concerns nor do I have her dermatologist (though she sounds amazing and no-nonsense and I would totally sign up to be her patient). Maybe thermal water helps her a great deal.

On a daily basis, this is an inexpensive indulgence. It’s incredibly unnecessary. I have since moved back to a place with soft water and I have pretty much all but abandoned this. I just picked one for the summer. It has its uses, but it’s now a periodical purchase.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence where this has been a godsend and this has been super pretentious. In reality, I’m sure that any thermal water can do what this one can. But I happen to like this one, not just because of the Garance connection (tenuous as it may be).


  • None of the spray bottles (5) I’ve had have ever had the nozzle crap out with a substantial amount of product. *Crosses fingers* I’m chalking this up to really amazing packaging
  • Multitasking product and good for value. This aerosol filled in as my toner, my refresher, a skin soother and it even worked to set makeup. Nothing I’ve ever owned could do so many jobs.


  • Depending on the circumstance (eg. short flights/vacation) it can be expensive and/or unnecessary
  • Does not make me feel closer to Garance at all.
  • Hard to justify for buying filtered water in an aerosol. Despite the proof it works and I have use for it, I still grapple with this any time I purchase it.
Would I repurchase?


Avene Thermal Water (price and size varies) is available at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale. 


2 thoughts on “Review | Avene Thermal Water

  1. Nice review. I just picked up a bottle but was dubious about how helpful water could be. I don’t think I have hard water though, so I won’t expect too many great things 🙂 –Angela

    1. Thanks Angela! It has its uses and I’ve definitely seen it give me more than my money’s worth, but yeah. Now it’s a bit of an extravagance. Good thing it comes in different sizes and price points!

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