Review | Marula Oil

I’ve waxed poetic about facial oils on the blog before. I’m always game to try new things, so it was highly likely I’d pick up a new oil.

What is it?

Marula oil comes from the nuts from the Marula tree.


An anti-aging oil which aims to hydrate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


It’s really gorgeous. I love the bottle.

I think the dropper is great. It’s streamlined and elegant. The twist mechanism allows you to open the bottle and the pop-up top helps you squeeze the oil into the dropper. I have noticed I need to be really careful about keeping the bottle stable and undisturbed. It’s really easy for the cap to twist and open inadvertently. The oil is really expensive–a costly, messy mistake I took care not to make.

First Impressions:

Disclaimer: I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles. In fact, I still get carded fairly often.

This isn’t really aimed at me and my skin, but I wanted to try it because I was looking for a bit of a richer facial oil. While I love argan oil, I wanted to try something just a teensy bit richer, but not quite as rich as my sea buckthorn oil.

This is a long overdue review, but I used the marula oil during the winter. It wasn’t really that harsh compared to everywhere else, but my skin was pretty dry. This was a great nighttime oil and daytime oil for days where my skin was especially tight and dry.

The oil has a faint smell to it–a light nutty scent. Not at all surprising, considering the oil is extracted from the nut. Not unwelcome either. I’m pretty picky about scents, but this didn’t smell manufactured nor was it very strong.


I really like the story behind the brand. The oil is harvested from a nut that comes from the fruit of the Marula tree. Sustainably, which is great because with some commodities (like argan and coconut) that’s not quite the case.

I could do without how expensive this oil is. I can only really find it at Sephora. There are more sizes and price points, but it’s still a pretty costly oil compared to alternatives (argan and sea buckthorn).

I like how rich and moisturizing it was, yet light and non-greasy. It didn’t clog my pores nor did it break me out. It’s super gentle and I love the slightly nutty smell from the oil.

It absorbed pretty well and I noticed a definite texture change when I used this. My skin was softer and plumper. The oil helped deliver the much-needed moisture to my parched skin.

I used this twice a day, but I found overnight was when it really shined. Sometimes during the day it took a while to sink in and for the shine to fade away. I had to make sure not to use this if I was short on time. Overnight, I could let it do its thing for my skin. I’d concentrate the oil on drier parts of my face/neck–my neck, tops of my cheeks, my jaw and the edges of my forehead–and wake up to soft skin.

I would definitely consider buying this for winter use. There are alternatives out there, so it’s all dependent on budget and preferences. I bought the 1 oz and it lasted me for a year. It’s amazing and if this was my only source of moisturizer, it might be worth the money. Unfortunately it’s not, so I don’t know if I’ll be buying it again any time soon. Maybe I’ll revisit this when I’m a bit older or when my skin changes conditions.

This oil is great for sensitive types, though I know some prefer a blend of oils to a pure oil. It’s also good for mature skin and dry-combination skin types. Oily skin types should steer clear of this.

Will I repurchase?

Maybe. On sale.

Marula facial oil (1 oz, $72 CDN + tax) can be found online (US only) and in store at Sephora or online at Marula (US only).


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