Organize October: the Elimination series

AMtoPM organize beauty inventory stash homekeeping

Organize October is back! Since this year is all about paring down with #shopthestash, this month’s theme is all about how to clear the excess. Or use what you’ve got. Each week will have tips and tricks for how to make clearing away the stash a fun and easy process.

If you’re a beauty blogger or beauty lover you probably have a lot of stuff. There are a ton of posts and storage solutions–all of them are great. What they sometimes fail to address is that a large part of organization is knowing how much space you can afford in your home and work within those parameters.

With beauty products it’s hard. There are a lot of things that you could easily throw out or give away, but it’s too difficult. Emotionally it’s difficult to let go of your HG liner–especially if it’s discontinued and you have to rely on the stash you hoarded shortly after hearing the horrible news. Or the first lipstick you ever had, even if it’s all dusty and forgotten in a dresser drawer. It’s equally difficult to get through a stash that is out of control. This whole year has been about paring down. It’s the tenth month of #shopthestash and along the way I’ve experimented with a lot of ways to pare down quickly.

Elimination means different things to different people

I’m not going to blog for a month around the ideal number of stuff to have with you. That’s dumb. Beauty is so personal and an arbitrary number isn’t going to work for a lot of people. Only you know what the sweet spot is between having too much, too little and the Goldilocks level of “just right”.

For me, I aim to eliminate anything that isn’t essential. Right now, I’m still trying to figure out what essential means to me and what that number entails. I’ve gone through a lot of my extras and–except for sheet masks–I only have one of everything.

What’s essential also means what brings me joy and separating it from the things that I don’t get pleasure in using.

Whatever your definition of excess is, hopefully these tips will help in some way.


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