Empties | August

I can’t believe the summer is already over. Here are the few things that hit the bin this month.

Avene thermal water | This is a holdover from my Garance Doré phase. I still love her, of course, but I’m never going to be Garance and this is not really going to work for me on the daily. I’ve gone through a few of these and this summer I used this to mainly cool down. It was unseasonably hot here, so this really helped cool me down and stave off the sting of all the mosquito bites. I’ve also worked it as a toner, refresher and makeup setting spray.

Sheet masks | All the sheet masks. Sadly I’m been skipping them so I haven’t had a chance to really do them. I’ve just done two this month: the pearl and placenta.

Thayers toner | An oldie and a goodie. This is a pretty awesome toner. Super gentle, very moisturizing and not astringent at all and it has never irritated my skin nor broke me out. It’s super affordable and accessible. If I’m running low, I can pick some up along with some groceries at the market. I’ve picked up the aloe unscented version, but there are a bunch of other combinations as well.

Nature Republic UV sunscreen | This is the last one. Yes, it gave me a slight white cast. But it was super light, didn’t budge, and it held up well and kept the shininess at bay during the summer. Lest you think that it only holds up to a Pacific Northwest summer, it held up through typhoon season and 40ºC summer days. It’s like liquid gold to me. This is one product that I want to keep on hand all the time. It’s just so good.

Stash amount: $35 CDN

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