Empties | June + July

Hello, summer!

I’ve gone through a lot of empties this month and I’m so excited.

Sheet masks | I’ve gone through a few, most of which came from a good friend who sent them my way. A couple of Skin Food masks, Tony Moly and It’s Smile (which are definitely Japanese packaging, yet the English label says made in Korea).

Skin Food masks

The Skin Food masks get a special mention. In terms of fit, the regular masks from Skin Food rival my ultimate HG masks: the special promo idol masks from Tony Moly.

These are a bit different from the regular sheet masks, in that they’re weaved. The consistency is a lot sturdier than some high street, major brand offerings (e.g. My Beauty Diary, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Etude House, etc.).

But back to the fit. It’s awesome. It fits my face in the eyes, nose and mouth. Even the little flap between the nose and mouth fit (the hardest piece to adjust, IMO) and it covered my whole face with little excess. The number of air bubbles was pretty minimal and–best of all–this stuck to my face like glue, without my trusty silicone mask.

I could get up, walk around, even look down a little bit. I can’t do anything crazy whilst masking without my mask cover like yoga routines, but that’s still pretty good! Sometimes with other masks and without my silicone buddy to keep them from shifting, I have to be pretty much immobile. Major points to Skin Food’s selection!

The Tony Moly masks are a bit of a disappointment. They are, for reference, the regular sheet masks and not the I’m Real sheet masks that you can purchase at Sephora (US only) or Urban Outfitters. These are OK and typical of regular high-street masks: floral fragrance and a bit big on size. The fit isn’t Tony Moly idol mask size, which is always a huge disappointment. One day I shall find it in me to get a decent TM haul, though I’ll have to check first if they even have those promo masks outside of Asia. It would be such a waste if they don’t. Strictly talking masks, I didn’t notice a discernible difference based on the ingredients. The masks didn’t brighten, strengthen my skin barrier or boost elasticity to my skin. What I did reap were two days’ worth of skin awesomeness which is always a by-product of a sheet mask: plump, dewy soft skin. Super on point and radiant.

I did especially like the Placenta mask (skin strengthening) so I’ll be experimenting more with that ingredient!

The Face Shop The Smim Fermentation Concentrate set | Technically I have finished three out of the four items–everything but the foam cleanser, which I suspect will last me throughout the summer and possibly beyond. Overall it was a really good anti-aging line. My skin may look youthful, but I’ve noticed it’s gotten drier and more sensitive to the weather as I’ve aged. There are no immediate benefits aside from the hydration and temporary plumpness that comes with it, but that’s good enough for me! Elements of this line are a contender for winter use for sure.

The Smim essence | I really liked this! It’s a very light essence, similar in consistency to a very light moisturizer. Come to think of it, it’s on par with delivering the same level of hydration as a light moisturizer. Very good for day and nighttime use. No complaints!

The Smim eye cream | Pretty substantial. Good moisturizer that didn’t break me out. Would be a good day/night moisturizer from fall through early spring, but it’s too rich for daytime use now. Lasts forever and two tiny dots per eye are good to get the under eye and crow’s feet area.

The Smim cream | This cream doesn’t play around! It’s very rich and I could only really do nighttime treatments whilst testing it. I did test it for a few daytime applications towards the start and it was nice, though perhaps a little heavy. It would definitely get more use during late fall-winter, for sure. A little goes a long way.

Coconut oil | Sigh. I love that short period–for Canadians, anyway–when my coconut oil transforms from gigantic hunk of ivory to oozing, fragrant oil. It’s my favourite non-scientific way to gauge temperature.

It’s not quite at the height of summer, so I can watch the coconut transform from solid to oil and back again throughout the day.

Fun Fact: Coconut oil solidifies under 24˚C and transforms into an oil once it exceeds that temperature. It’s truly the magic unicorn of oils.

I’ve been using my coconut oil pretty religiously: scalp massage, body moisturizers and–in dire straits–as a shaving cream. It’s no surprise that my tiny tub has disappeared in a flash. Will definitely stock up on these soon.

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Baby Sunblock | This is my workout sunblock. It’s mineral, it’s gentle, it doesn’t budge. The thing is…it produces an unforgiving white cast. I’m about three colours from pale to quite (tanned) now on my forearms and shins and it’s a really unflattering white cast. I only really use this while I’m running errands and working out and even though it gives a pretty ghastly, ghostly appearance I’m totally going to buy this again and again.

This thing seriously does not budge.

It’s really great and gentle but it’s definitely not suitable for the face, unless you want a really shiny and ghostly visage. It’s good in a pinch, but I wouldn’t ever use it for this unless in dire circumstances or if I’m just going for a solo run.

Total cost: ~$24 CDN


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