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Beauty is such a frenetic industry. It’s like tech–you feel out of the loop if you can’t keep up with every trend, with every innovation. If you follow different markets–Asia, Europe–as well as your own, it’s enough to send someone in a tizzy.

Seven months ago, before the ban, I tended to buy beauty for the product as much as the illusion it wields like a weapon. Who doesn’t want to buy into the story of that mystical ingredient that can make it look like you’ve been cryogenically frozen in time? Or the product that says it can counter all the lifestyle ills that you might indulge in, including crap diet?! (Um, yeah. That exists, apparently.)

I’ve finally gotten comfortable with not keeping up with the hype. Real talk: despite the numerous products that I’ve tried and would repurchase, I’ve actually repurchased just a few. There are a lot of factors in a repurchase, namely cost, effort and availability. Of the few things that I repurchase, there are very few things that would make me hurt if I lost or couldn’t replace them. (SaluxI am looking at you!)

Good products can help you attain clear, soft skin, awesome hair, amazing eyes and lips or whatever strikes your fancy. So long as you use them. They can’t really deliver any long-term effects. That mostly comes with lifestyle–which is boring and a lot harder to adhere to compared to a skin/hair/makeup regime. It’s so much easier to keep on buying the magic cream than to just suck it up and eat all the veggies and go to sleep at a decent hour and drink all the water instead of the wine juice that you normally imbibe.

If you pare facial care back to its essentials, it probably consists of five things: a good makeup remover, a cleanser, an exfoliant of some kind, moisturizer and an SPF. That’s it. You can add the extras in–sheet masks, sleeping masks, facial mists–if you have the money and inclination. If those products aren’t really cutting it, you can change up your products or make your own concoctions.

My skin is constantly evolving. What I used to swear by in my teens, isn’t really cutting it when I’m heading up to thirty. I don’t expect it to. I’m definitely not stressing out from all the FOMO on testing out beauty. (Yeah, that was a big thing for me. I’m sure a lot of people who love beauty or blog about it are just as afflicted.)

At the end of the day, it’s just stuff. I care about finding good stuff, but I’m not so concerned about keeping up with the trends, the innovations or the buzziest ingredients.


Do you have a FOMO on beauty? What’s your relationship with
testing out the newest and the hottest things out there? Let me know
in the comments below or via social media!


4 thoughts on “#shopthestash update | at the end of the day, it’s just stuff

  1. I have SUCH FOMO with beauty. I’m on a spending ban too and I just keep going “BUT X, I NEED X” when I really don’t at all…

    Thanks for linking to my post! ❤

  2. I absolutely agree with this post. I have found that using the same products consistently, is more effective than flirting with every brand and new magical elixir. I do believe in one magic ingredient though – glycolic acid and other acids. Ok, two because I am obsessed with sunscreen. I exfoliate to get rid of the dry skin, and then protect the new skin.

    and although I wont give up my wine (juice!) I do work hard at the other good habits, I eat my veggies, exercise like crazy and drink water all day every day. The simple stuff really does work. Great post, is your stash getting smaller, would love to see a comparison post of when you started and where you are today.

    1. Yeah, it really is the small stuff that really adds up. Daily habits like eating well, exercising, hydrating and resting are just as important as getting a good regimen together. Thanks for sharing your favourite things. Actives and sunscreen are some of my favourite things…and sheet masks.

      Eventually I will post up a before and after, but I think I’ll leave that for the end of the year. Weirdly, I haven’t been doing any spending unless I need to replace things but I’ve also been gifted with some stuff. So it’s a flux but the number of stuff I’ve got has gone down drastically (1 box, 1 basket and all the current stuff I use)!

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