Three things to make living through a heat wave bearable

Summer has been unseasonably warm in these parts, not that I’m complaining. I know it can get to be a bit much, so here are my tips to keep cool, calm and collected.

Spritzers | OK so if you’re like me and you have no reason to purchase thermal water spritzers–no upcoming trips on airplanes, no municipal hard water issues–you can do it DIY and get a spritzer and decant some water or toner.

Bonus: it won’t come in a nozzle–that you may or may not be frustrated with–down the road.

I have a super intense, super-sized spritzer for misting water on various parts of my body.

Absolute bliss.

If you think that spritzing is a bit pretentious, I don’t disagree. I totally find it pretentious, but I’m willing to spritz myself with abandon when it gets over 27˚C.

I have some spritzers that I like–including Thayers and Heritage rosewater (+ glycerin) are great options that I’ve tested and liked as well.

If you’re going for the DIY water version, ensure that you live in an area with soft water. (Hard water has a lot of minerals; soft water has low amounts of minerals. Hard water can affect your skin and hair by leaving a residue after rinsing, drying out both skin and hair and generally making caring for both a hot mess.) Hard water is a real no-no, so do some checks beforehand if you want to go this route.

Anything aloe or cucumber | I find products that have aloe or cucumber to be light, refreshing moisturisers. But nothing beats the real thing. Slather on some aloe gel from a tub–or cut open a leaf–and apply the gel. So heavenly. Especially if it was recently in the refrigerator.

Ditto some sliced cucumbers on your face for a DIY heat stopper.

Bonus: you can eat the portion NOT on your face.

So cooling, so fulfilling, so good.

A good double-cleansing combo | With a heat wave there’s a lot of sweating going on and a lot of stickiness happening. And when you’re out of the house actually doing stuff add pollution, makeup and daily grime to the list.

A good double-cleansing combo is usually a good idea year-round, but especially a good idea when you’re faced with sticky temperatures for days (or weeks) without a break.

The double-cleanse not only works as an awesome mini ritual to thoroughly purge skin of daily rubbish, but it’s also a wonderful salve on a day you’re tired and sweaty and you just want to relax.

Use your choice of oil cleanser (DIY or store-bought) and either a foam or gel cleanser, depending on your skin type. I find the oil cleanser step really takes the bulk of the sweat/sunscreen/makeup/daily detritus off your face, provided that you leave it on for at least a minute and massage it into your skin. The foam or gel cleans up the rest.


What are your heat wave beauty secrets? Let me know in the comments
below or via social media. No, seriously. Let me know.


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