heritage naturals rosewater glycerin review

Review | Heritage Naturals Rosewater and Glycerin toner

heritage naturals rosewater glycerin review

I used to be a real snob about where I shopped. All recognizable brand names, all prestige–including beauty. But that’s all changed. My beauty comes from everywhere: eBay sellers, foreign drugstores, high street shops, online retailers and independent companies.

iHerb isn’t traditionally a beauty store, but I’ve found some skin care gems there that I’ve fallen in love with. (It also helps that most of the things I’ve found are at heavily discounted prices.)

This is one of the things that I’ve tried, thanks to mindlessly reading MakeupAlley. Like the Salux it’s an amazing find that I probably wouldn’t have discovered on my own.

What is it:

A simple rosewater toner. This particular one comes with hydrating glycerin, but is also available without it.


A hydrating, lightly scented toner for face and body.

“Harsh Weather Defense” is part of the package claims.


Super simple and no frills–this is in a translucent pink plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. A lot of the bottle is covered to protect from degradation, I guess. It’s nice, but also a bit annoying as I have to gauge by weight how much I’ve got left in the bottle. That is, if I don’t open it up and take a peek.

Reading the ingredient list, short as it is, reminds me of reading the label on my Bronner’s castille soap. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a little new age, though it’s not as lengthy and prone to going off into tangents. If it matters to you, apparently the water is full of high vibrational energy. And if you do readings, apparently it’s good for that as well.

If you do readings, I’d love to know if this helps. Curiosity’s sake, of course.

First Impressions:

The ingredients are super basic: water, glycerin and rose oil. That’s it. As someone with a lengthy daily (and nightly) routine, the minimal ingredients are a nice change. On the off-chance I have irritation, it’s nice to pinpoint which step, which product and which ingredient was the culprit.

The scent is a bit much at first, but that huge bombardment of floral scent could have been because I forgot to shake it up. I’m willing to give this another go and give this the benefit of the doubt.

I used this during the autumn and winter. It did quite well, providing a lot of moisture on the second step alone.


Thanks to the MakeupAlley community for giving me a moisturizing toner to use during winter. My combination skin is quite temperamental. It’s only its normal state–slightly dewy T-zone, dry cheeks–during early spring and early fall. Mid-autumn to early spring it’s a dry mess. Mid-spring until the end of fall and I’m a shiny round beacon and my best friends are primer, powder and blotting papers.

In addition to my oil cleansers and more moisturizing serums and moisturizers, this is a great addition. The cost-per-use is amazing. I used this until it was gone, which was basically the entirety of my “dry face” with occasional spritzing throughout the day and to dry bits on my body when I was short on body oil. I don’t know about harsh weather conditions.

The Pacific Northwest isn’t harsh at all. The best thing to describe it would be moderate. 0-20ºC is the norm, so I can’t really prove nor disprove that claim. For the “harsh” weather I’m used to (0-5ºC), it works a beaut!

I love how gentle this is. I’ve never broken off and my skin felt so soothed once it was spritzed on. (An aside: there’s something about spritzing that feels so luxurious. The fact that this is ~$8CDN a bottle makes this a doable luxury.)

The only thing I didn’t like was how inaccessible it is. I’ve found the pure rosewater version in health food stores, but only in the travel size. I like the added glycerin, so that doesn’t interest me. The only place I can find this item–in this size–is online. Either Amazon or iHerb.

I find iHerb to have more competitive prices, though with the shipping I wait to stock up during a promotion.


Various sizes, including one for travel


Inaccessible in person; can easily be bought online, not in-store

Would I repurchase?


Heritage Store Rosewater and Glycerin toner (240 ml, ~$8CDN) can be found online at iHerb and Amazon.


5 thoughts on “Review | Heritage Naturals Rosewater and Glycerin toner

      1. I had a facial and it was the products used. My face loved them so I started using them. I have since gone back to drugstore brands to save money. So far, so good although I do miss Dermalogica.

  1. I keep meaning to try this, but I’m still stuck on the Mario Badescue Aloe and Rose Water spray. Its easily accessible at Ulta and worth a try.

    1. Mario Badescu is? That’s lucky! That and Heritage are pretty equal on the accessibility scale, which means it’s pretty difficult to find either way. How do you find the aloe and rose? Is it really hydrating and cooling?

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