skin care in the fridge

Spa Sunday Saviors: refrigerated skin care

skin care in the fridge

Over the past week the local news has been hyping up a heat wave, which in other parts of the world would just mean a normal summer day. For reference: we’re talking temperatures of 30ºC/86ºF.

My skin loves hot and humid weather, but me? Not so much.

But I’ve come up with a plan!

All my Sunday spa stuff is occupying a little shelf. It’s got some sheet masks stuck in there with the last of my toner, essence and cream. I’ve wondered about putting my aloe in there as well, but I don’t really have enough in there that would make it all that worth it. Maybe when I crack open a new jar!

To be honest, I’m fairly certain this isn’t adding the benefit of protecting my skin stash from the elements. They’re normally shielded from sunlight or lamps when they’re stationed in their basket, but it does make this ritual so much more luxurious. Temperature wouldn’t really be an issue, considering it never really breaks 30ºC anyway. I’m mostly doing it for the multi-step, temporary refreshment.

My face and neck are going to be crazy spoiled and my body is just going to make do with ice packs, cooling ice towels, my mobile fan and sporadic water spritzes.

I can’t explain just how incredibly excited I am about how awesome this Sunday is going to be! (Really nice considering how Sunday is going to be the warmest day!)

Up in the lineup are decanted

Thayers witch hazel+aloe toner (spritz bottle)
Missha super aqua snail (large pump; for daytime use)
The Face Shop Smim Fermentation Concentrate cream (small pump; for nighttime use)

The paper bag is a small sliver of Lush’s Full of Grace serum. Behind that is a dangerously low stash of sheet masks.

Way excited for all of this to go down!


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