the face shop the smim fermentation concentrate cleanser essence eye cream

Trial by fire | The Face Shop Smim Fermentation Concentrate Set

the face shop the smim fermentation concentrate cleanser essence eye cream

Huzzah! With the exception of the foam cleanser I am finally finished!

A little about The Smim Fermentation Concentrate Set

If you’re familiar with the Smim line, you know it has branches of  sets. This particular one seems to be your basic anti-aging set. I tried the cleanser, essence, eye cream and cream–but there’s also an emulsion, toner and men’s-specific essence available for purchase.

In brief: the good and the ugly

The Face Shop The Smim Essence

The Good: 

This was probably my favourite thing to trial out of this set. I love that it’s a pretty thin consistency but it packed a lot of hydration. It worked as a light moisturizer for me for the past month and I imagine it would have been a good first step moisturizer for the winter.

This went on with no problems–application was quick, easy and even.

It’s also pretty affordable. It’s mid-range at around $30 and that goes a long way.

The Bad: 

None that I know of. Honestly, I loved it that much.

The Face Shop The Smim Eye Cream

The Good: 

This post took so long because I was finishing up this eye cream. It’s really concentrated. I still have a lot more of this to go.

I like the richness of this, but I have some beef with it (see below). Besides that, it’s so cost-effective. I’ve only needed to put one or two tiny dots for each eye and it’s enough to completely cover my undereye area and around the sides–where I imagine crow’s feet appears.

This thing is 5 ml, but it’s lasted a long time. I’m pretty sure I’ve got to the halfway point, but who knows? Maybe this thing will last until August!

The eye cream is about $30 plus tax and customs, it’s worth it! If you buy eye cream, that is.

The Bad: 

On principle I don’t buy eye cream. I know you’re supposed to use it for preventative measures. I’ve bought eye creams before, but I just found them to be really overhyped and didn’t do anything more than act as a richer moisturizer for the thinner skin underneath my eyes.

That’s exactly what this is.

The Face Shop The Smim Cream

The Good: 

In a previous post I mentioned how this was good for day use. This was wrong. At least for the spring.

After a week, it proved to be too rich and got relegated to nighttime use only. It’s a good moisturizer and it lasted throughout the night. It didn’t really feel heavy, didn’t have an artificial scent and didn’t irritate my face (no breakouts, no rashes, no irritation)!

The Bad: 

The consistency was a bit weird. It was difficult at times to get it to spread. Application had to be done in segments starting with the driest areas because it wasn’t as easy to get an even layer by rubbing my palms together and slapping it on my face.

Normally this would be a minor annoyance because I don’t mind the extra couple of seconds it takes to apply cream to segments of my face. But then there are those nights where I know I’m going to be half asleep after doing a facial and waiting too long in between the steps to getting the sheet mask essence remains to soak through and my final cream/sleep pack. I know in those situations I might not even bother and choose a product that’s easier to apply.

A full-sized cream would probably suit my needs for as long as I would need it (about three to four months). I sheet-mask twice a week. I’m not sure I want to buy a product where I’m not sure I might not use it on those days, which add up to a little under a month (24, if you were doing the math with me).

Final thoughts

I think the line is good money for value, every product I tried was around the $20-30 mark.

For my combination skin, I thought it was a good fit for the winter when my skin is dreadfully starved of moisture and needs the richness that this can bring.

Would I buy everything if given the chance? No, probably not. Definitely the essence. Maybe the cream.

For those who like online shopping, it’s not available online. But it can be found at the retail stores and online at Gmarket.

The Smim Fermentation Concentration set can be found in stores at The Face Shop.



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