#shopthestash update | reclaiming space

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So it’s five months into #shopthestash and I’ve gone through about a great deal of empties! Yay!

At the start of the challenge I had a completely covered vanity, four baskets/boxes, one hand carry valise of stuff. Beauty, skin care, toiletries. So far, I’ve downsized to a half-covered vanity and three baskets/boxes. In that time I’ve gone through countless samples and over 15+ full-sized products. As I stated during last month’s update, I’ve only had to repurchase a couple times: eyeliner, moisturiser and some sunscreen.

It’s been so nice reclaiming all that space that I don’t want to have to buy anymore. Unfortunately, I need the sunscreen, moisturiser and eyeliner (because obviously) so it’s hard to cut back on those things.

Storage options

My storage options are haphazard and I haven’t bought any dedicated storage. For a while I did have some really nice Muji acrylic boxes, but I dumped them when I moved. Too much trouble.

I’ve since made do with stuff I have around the house: boxes, baskets and some of the many luggage I possess. It’s worked really well, even though it’s not necessarily the most attractive to gaze upon daily.

I’ve a lover of beauty and a lover of clear spaces. I’ve been tempted to buy some unified storage, but I can’t do it until I’ve gotten to a more manageable size. It just doesn’t make sense to buy storage in the midst of chucking things out. That would be going backwards. The whole idea of storage to me is making hoarding okay.

When I get to a certain point: a clear vanity save for the essentials (no duplicates), one box and one valise I’ll consider a storage option, but right now I’m good.

Paring down the makeup bags

#shopthestash has really put into perspective how many bags I have to house all my stuff. In addition to the boxes and baskets, I’ve got makeup bags from past trial sets, dopp kits, my standard carry-on pack, bags for samples and a travel shower caddy. Oh, and my makeup brush bag!

Hidden in some of their confines are stuff. Tiny samples, tiny bottles, tiny vials–all but forgotten since they’ve been out of sight for so long. In the middle of raiding all of my things I’ve come to an additional burden. What to do with all the excess bags?

This is another reason I’m doing without storage for now. All these bags are no longer useful. The ones that house my samples have dwindled to four+ to around two, which is kind of generous.

There are obviously some bags that will have to stay. My trusty shower caddy bag and transparent zip are travel musts and are not leaving my tiny hands anytime soon. Never, if I have my way.

But all those promo bags, they’ll have to go. Ditto some of those airplane toiletry kits I have that used to house small iterations of my routine. Those are going to go as well. Not all of them, of course. Just some.


If you’ve gone through a similar culling, what have you done with the excess stuff?

I’d love to know in the comments below!


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