AMtoPM how to keep that summer glow

Summer spotlight | How to keep that glow

AMtoPM how to summer glow

A summer glow isn’t that hard to achieve. It’s maintaining it that’s the tricky part.

Summer means dewy, healthy skin and low-key beauty. It’s hot and humid. A full face of makeup just doesn’t scream summer to me. Even at the office (unless it’s presentation day or workplace evaluation day).

A dewy face is really the only look that could survive beach days or days on the water.

Skin care is really the key to achieving a perfect glow. Here are five tips to keep that glow all season long.

All coverage is good coverage

A good hat and sunglasses.
A parasol.

Three of the four things are pretty self-explanatory, but hear me out on the parasol.

On days when it’s so hot out that you’re sweating buckets as you walk out the door, a parasol is the best invention known to man. Trust.

That tiny scrap of fabric between you and the sun will help keep your face as matte as possible so you can get from point A to point B without your sunscreen and makeup dripping down your face.

A hot Asian summer hooked me on to a habit my grandma does.

Besides keeping the sweat and shine to a minimum, the parasol is a pretty ingenious way to tote some shade and keep you just a few degrees cooler than everyone else.

Plus it’s a glamorous accessory to tote.

Sunscreen that can keep up with your social calendar

Sunscreen is a must everyday, but an especially good one is needed heading into the next couple of months. A reliable, light sunscreen with a high level of protection can be your best friend on days you go for lunches al fresco, picnics and impromptu after-work cocktails on the patio.

Add to that the days and nights on the beach or on the water and you need something you’ll want to put on and reapply as needed.

It’s a personal preference, but I like a sunscreen with a high SPF/PA rating that’s gentle and light. I have this kid-friendly pick from Nature Republic that I use for general use as well as exercise. Options that don’t give you a white cast to rival that of Casper’s are these options from Bioré and Missha.

At the end of the day, pick something you’ll reapply without it being a chore and reapply it liberally. Finding the perfect sunscreen–or sunscreens–is sometimes a struggle, akin to finding the perfect partner. Once you find your match, make sure to stock up. An active summer will see you go through a lot of bottles.

Don’t forget lips–an oft-neglected area. Pick up a SPF lip balm. I like Jack Black, which comes in many flavours, but there are options everywhere in drugstores. Whatever your brand, whatever your flavour: this thing is going to stick to you like glue. Keep multiples around if you’re prone to losing them, like me.

All of this also applies to body SPF. Find one you like and buy in bulk.

Get your scrub on

All that fun in the sun often means a lot of dead skin just begging to get a good scrub down.

I love the Salux bath towels, but a good nylon bath towel can be found cheaply in Asian grocery stores, Muji and Daiso. They are that long for a reason–letting you reach every part of the body. Full warning: they are abrasive so tread lightly at first.

A gentle peeling gel or facial scrub is a weekly must. My favourite exfoliator to trump them all is Cure Natural Aqua Gel: a pain-free way to uncover a fresh face. Slightly disgusting process, but the results are baby smooth skin!

Hydrate and moisturize

To soothe parched skin, I head to a natural food store over the drugstore. Coconut oil and aloe gel are two things I go through in spades every summer. Both are refreshing and light, as well as relatively cheap and easy to find.

Note: I am one of the lucky people that isn’t adversely affected by coconut oil. If you have tried coconut oil for OCM and broke out–or faced irritation–best to skip this one and head for the aloe gel.

A killer smile

Cheesy? Totally.
True? Absolutely!

My skin is usually the best it is all year. Use this time to lay off all the heavy makeup and embrace a low-key, still gorgeous, look. Give your skin some time to breathe and it will thank you in spades.

Besides, an amazing smile is always the best accessory to a summer glow.


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