Review | Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil

I’ve been using sweet almond oil exclusively for OCM the past autumn and winter. This little bottle has lasted a long time and it’s kept my skin fresh, clean and hydrated. Love this little bottle so hard!

What is it:

This sweet almond oil is good for face and body care. It’s not tested on animals and it has only two ingredients: sweet almond oil and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E).


I love that the dark bottle protects and preserves the oil. I also love that it has rubber on the inside cap to prevent from spillage.

It sucks that this doesn’t have a pump and you have to squeeze to get the oil out. It’s not a big deal since I can decant this into a dark, refillable bottle with a pump! Or an eye dropper. That works too.

First Impressions:

I’ve been using this as a face cleanser for OCM and for a general body moisturizer.

OCM cleanser

I’ve used a couple of oil cleansers, OCM and traditional oil cleansers (DHC, Innisfree, Etude House, etc.)

As an OCM cleanser, I like that this is really light and spreads evenly and it just glides over my face and with my fingers. Sometimes I blend a tiny bit of castor oil, but for the most part, I just use the almond oil by itself. I don’t wear a lot of makeup daily (light base to even skin tone, brow stuff, eyeliner and–maybe–mascara) so I can get most of the makeup and dirt off my face fairly easily.


OCM cleanser

This has worked really well on my combination skin. My skin gets really dry during the winter and this helped cleanse and moisturize my skin. I notice it’s a lot plumper and softer after I rinse with a washcloth.

I found it to be a pretty through cleanser and it helped alleviate congested pores. I found that the cleanser did well at unclogging my pores and removing my blackheads and sebaceous filaments without much effort. So great!

The weather is pretty moderate on the west coast and I can easily use this year-round. Unfortunately, this little bottle didn’t last a whole year, but I did use it as a body moisturizer as well. Realistically though, this could last three to four months easily with daily use if used exclusively as your face cleanser.

This is cheap and accessible. I got my little bottle (118 ml) at a health store, but it can easily be found in grocery stores in their “natural products/organics” aisle. Compared to some of the oil cleansers you can buy on the market and it’s a bargain! If online shopping is more your thing, you can shop around and probably get it for a lot cheaper!

Body moisturizer

I’ve used this as a body moisturizer since I ran out of my sesame oil. This is light but really hydrating. It locks in moisture well after a shower/bath and it’s great to keep with me for

I don’t like using lotions–I find they dry me out a lot–so I use oils. This is a great size to keep with me as it’s small enough I can keep in my purse. Since the little rubber stop is on the inside of the cap there’s a low possibility that the bottle will leak out unless it’s squeezed. Squeeze too hard, though, and a bit more than expected will come out. You can decant this into an eye dropper or into a bottle with a small pump. I also put this in a sealed plastic bag for extra security.

It’s light and absorbs quickly (read: almost instantaneously), doesn’t have a smell and it doesn’t leave a residue. My skin is left hydrated and soft and it’s not greasy at all!

In terms of a body moisturizer this is pretty pricey. It comes in small quantities and you get far more with a lotion, but this is what works well for my skin. If I can help it, I stick to sesame and coconut oil as an allover moisturizer and tote almond oil for my forearms and hands. Well worth the purchase, though!

Would I re-purchase?


Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil (118 ml, ~$7-10CDN + tax) can be found at health food stores and online on Well, iHerb and VitaCost.


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