The Face Shop The Therapy serum review

Sample Selection Saturday | The Face Shop The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Serum

The Face Shop The Therapy serum review

I’ve taken a break and I have all of these samples queued up ready for review. I received a deluxe sample kit of The Face Shop’s The Therapy line, including the toner, serum and emulsion after a last-minute, stressed out hunt for some eyeliner. I bungled up the order a bit so the serum is up first for review!

What is it?

A little on “The Therapy”: This is an anti-aging line based on a 200-year-old European method of hand-crafting and blending skin potions.

According to the pamphlet I received along with my deluxe samples, the serum was created with a special oil-dropping technique to add in the essential oils.

Speaking of these essential oils, all of the ingredients are picked (handpicked, no less!) in central Italy, protected from the ravages of urban development.

The Therapy line uses a technique consisting of the personal blending of flowers and herbs and plants that goes back to the eighteenth century.

These plants were harvested (only the best would be used), extracted (essential oils would be distilled by talented hands, not tools) and blended to create herbal skin care.

(I love the romanticism of the flyer, but it’s hard for me to see The Face Shop still employing this method, seeing as they manufacture on a grand scale globally. Props to them for harkening back to the days of artisanal skin care, I guess.)

In brief: the good and the ugly

The Good:

This is a pretty heavy-duty serum. It really depends on your needs and your skin type, but this is good for me right now. The consistency is so thick that it doesn’t feel like a serum at all. More like a gel or something. It also does’t feel like an oil as it’s not fluid and doesn’t have that consistency. It’s really hydrating, though!

Given the thick consistency it would be a natural assumption that this thing would be quite heavy? Right? Wrong. This serum is pretty weightless after application.

There’s a scent in here that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s really subtle, but also a bit floral. Makes sense given the featured ingredients. It smells good and if you’re sensitive to smells like me, fear not! It’ll fade quickly once you’ve applied it.

No weird consistency. This serum isn’t greasy or leave a strange residue behind. Very nice!

Good for day and night use. It wasn’t super rich that I couldn’t use it for day use below my moisturizer, SPF and base. It also worked well with my full nighttime routine.

I’ve got sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate my face at all. I had a pretty generous sample (two packets, enough for four days’ worth of twice-daily treatments) to gauge its efficacy.

I’d recommend this to mature skin and drier skin types year-round and combination to oily skin types, depending on the season.

The Face Shop The Therapy serum ingredient list

The Ugly:

I don’t think there is anything stopping me from buying this, to be honest.

If you’ve got The Face Shop around, it’s relatively accessible to buy and on par with what other serums cost.

I should say that this is a pretty good serum for me right now: the adjustment from winter to spring, where my skin is still feeling a bit tight and dry. I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve got before summer hits and this serum is too rich. (So true, my face is just a teensy bit shiny right now. Bummer.)

I’m wanting to blame this on the packaging over the consistency, but this can be a bit difficult to spread. I like to put it all on the packaging because the opening is a small slit and product has to be prodded and cajoled out of the packet.

Would I purchase?

Maybe. (Still on #shopthestash though.)

The Therapy oil-drop anti-aging serum (45ml, $45CDN, plus tax) can be found at various The Face Shop locations.


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