skin food black sugar mask wash off review strawberry

Sample Selection Saturday | Skin Food Strawberry Sugar Mask Wash-off

skin food black sugar mask wash off review strawberry

Skin Food’s black sugar mask is just as popular as the peach sake serum I tried a few Saturdays back. (OK. More than a few Saturdays back. The serum is really good for mattifying, by the way). I was curious to see if the strawberry sugar mask was just as well as the original.

Spoiler: it is.

What is it?

Essentially, it’s the Black Sugar Mask from Skin Food with a strawberry twist. This one has all the good from the black sugar mask with some strawberry seeds and seed oil. After cleansing your face has a hint of strawberry smelling goodness.

In brief: the good and the ugly

The Good:

I love the black sugar mask–an anomaly, considering I’ve fallen out of love with most scrubs.

It’s a good exfoliant and it’s pretty gentle on my sensitive combination skin. This strawberry mask is no different. I was a bit worried since I saw strawberry seeds. Even though those things are tiny as it is, anything coarse and potentially abrasive near my skin makes me go into hives.

(Not really, but you know.)

There were a few strawberry seeds in the packet but I didn’t find them abrasive. Since the mask isn’t meant to be heavily massaged in, it suited me just fine. Unlike a traditional scrub, it’s meant to be applied and BRIEFLY massaged and left alone to do its awesome exfoliating powers.

*For those who have more sensitive skin than mine, you can add water or toner to this mask to dilute it a bit and make it less abrasive.

It doesn’t take a long time for this to be effective. I left it on for about 15 minutes; half the time of a sheet mask. Once I rinsed I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin looking softer and brighter. It’s just as good as my standby Cure Aqua Gel, and just a teensy bit less messy! You rinse and you’re done.

The Ugly:

If you don’t really like mess this might not be for you. The full-size comes in a tub, just like the regular black sugar mask. You need a spatula or something to dig into it and to keep things all clean and hygienic.

I didn’t really like the strawberry smell that was lingering on my skin. It has that manufactured strawberry smell that sort of makes me a bit nauseous. As soon as I opened up the package I got treated to a big whiff of fake strawberry. It was so strong and it can linger. Luckily for me after a few minutes it went away, but you really have to endure the first few minutes if you really hate that strawberry smell like I do.

Would I purchase?


Skin Food Strawberry Sugar Mask wash-off is available for purchase at Skin Food retail stores and online.


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