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Trial by fire: The Face Shop Smim Fermentation Concentrate update


It’s been five days since I’ve started out with this The Smim fermentation concentrate set my lovely friend gave me in this care package.

To recap: The Smim’s fermentation concentrate is a four-piece set with a full-sized foam cleanser and trial sizes of its essence, eye cream and cream. It’s suitable for all good types, but based on my experiences so far I think it would be good for combination-dry types. The set is an anti-aging line designed to restore and preserve skin resilience, deliver hydration and generally perk your face up with its brightening powers. The fermented ingredients are a blend of mushrooms and yeast.

The rundown: mini-reviews

The Smim Fermentation Concentrate foam cleanser

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and I have to say it’s a pretty good cleanser. My skin can dry out a bit easily given the transition to warmer weather, so right now I have to be careful about how much I use (in between the size of a dime and a nickel) to avoid squeaky clean face.

I find this is a decent amount of cleanser to use and I have a ton of foam since I couple this with my foaming net.

So far, so good. I haven’t noticed any irritation: no breakouts, no rashes, no redness. Nothing.

It has the potential to be very drying, so I wouldn’t recommend to drier types. Even with double cleansing, I notice the moisture my skin retained after oil cleansing straight up disappears if I use too much.

I’m not ready to dismiss this cleanser yet. I’m cautiously optimistic my skin will react better to it as we head into the next couple of months!

The Smim Fermentation Concentrate essence

I really like this. It’s very light and fluid and it doesn’t have a very strong scent. Just a hint of something which disappears shortly after application.

It’s pretty hydrating though and it’s a good pre-step to the emulsion and cream. The sample is almost gone, so that’s all I can really say about it. Very light, hydrating and a decent emulsion for skin types that are a little on the dry side.

The Smim Fermentation Concentrate eye cream

The eye cream is a milky white and I can feel it on my face even with the tiniest application. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. It doesn’t feel heavy, but it feels like there’s something there. Application is a bit more thicker to what I’m used to, but then again I’ve been using coconut oil as my main standby for a while.

(note: Coconut oil as eye cream is probably a useless suggestion to many people out there who break out with coconut oil. I’ve been using coconut oil as my OCM bae for a while, as well as for eye cream. I know I’m one of the lucky few who can do this, so apologies to those of you for whom this does not work.

Insert obligatory appeal to practice smart skin care. Always patch test, especially for anything near your eyes. Because, obviously.)

But back to the eye cream. It’s definitely hydrating and I really don’t need a lot. Two miniscule dots and I’m done.

With that said, these two tiny dots are hard little workers. My skin underneath my eyes has definitely been feeling some love. Still going strong. I think this might last a lot longer than two weeks.

The Smim Fermentation Concentrate cream

This cream is pretty substantial. I wish that I had used this for the winter because it’s that moisturizing and thick.

The cream is a light beige-pink, not unlike the shade of the packaging that houses it. It’s so thick I’m taking extra pains not to apply too much because I know just a bit more and I’ll probably break out. That said, this is a pretty good cream. I could see this working more for normal-drier types really well, or for me during fall and winter.

Right now I’m really focusing the cream on my cheeks and forehead and along my jaw and chin. My eye area and nose get a little bit of the cream as well, but those two areas are starting to get shiny. I’m loathe to do overdo moisturizing them and clogging up my pores.

Generally none of these products have a smell and they pack a good punch. Everything, save the cleanser, does more than an adequate job to deliver hydration. It is an anti-aging line so that doesn’t really surprise me.

Right now I can see this product probably lasting a bit past the end of next week, which goes to show just how little of the product I’m using.


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