Summer switchups

It may still officially be spring, but after the May long weekend is the unofficial start of summer. So, happy early summer everyone! I’m celebrating by switching up my routine: adding a little this and taking out a little that here and there.


Fall and winter: My skin was too dry for anything buy my trusty oil cleanser. Last year I used Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil for my cleansing needs.

Spring and summer: The OCM stays (to be repurchased or replaced with some coconut oil). I’m double-cleansing again and adding a foam cleanser, The Face Shop’s The Smim Fermentation Concentrate cleanser. It’s supposedly suited to all skin types, but I think it’s best suited for combination to oily skin tones. It’ll benefit normal skin types as well, but may be a bit drying unless used during the height of summer.


This stays the same with Cure’s Natural Aqua Gel.


Fall and winter: Heritage Naturals Rosewater and Glycerin, which delivered some much needed hydration with that double-whammy of glycerin and rosewater. Smelled nice to boot!

Spring and summer: Heritage Naturals Rosewater and Glycerin will stay on until I finish the bottle. Following that, my old mainstay Thayer’s Witch Hazel which is light and doesn’t dry out, but isn’t quite as moisturizing as the Heritage brand.


Fall and winter: I switched it up between Skin Food agave cactus serum and Lush Full of Grace serum. The agave cactus serum was a good day and night serum. It was lightweight and hydrating. For the days (but mostly nights) I needed more hydration, the Lush serum was a great bar that helped calm and soothe my face.

Spring and summer: As part of The Face Shop The Smim trial kit, I’m trying The Smim essence. So far, it’s a lightweight and refreshing essence that still delivers a dose of hydration.

Eye cream

Fall and winter: Coconut oil. But first, I know. I know I’m one of the lucky few who can use coconut oil on my face. If you’re not sure if coconut oil works for you–as with most things–pack test accordingly. If you are one of the lucky few in the same boat, huzzah! 

Spring and summer:  This summer I’m trying my hand at the trial-sized The Smim eye cream. Once that’s done I’m likely going back to the coconut oil.

lotion/facial oil/cream

Fall and winter: Lots of marula oil. It’s otherwise too rich for my skin, but something about last winter made my skin feel super dry. It’s for mature skin types and dry types, mainly, but it really helped deliver the perfect level of hydration to my skin. Not too much, not too little. Just right. For cream I used Missha super aqua snail cream.

Spring and summer: A light argan oil as a facial oil if I need extra hydration. As far as cream goes, I’m getting by so far with The Face Shop The Smim cream. It is only a trial size so I’m actively looking for a snail cream to replace my Missha tub. While it’s good, I’m exploring options. I’ve narrowed it down to Cosrx and Mizon. Beauty bloggers and obsessives: I’m sure you’ll extol the benefits of each selection so I welcome all your opinions! Give me them all!


Fall and winter: I used my standby the Nature Republic eco-flower sun liquid. As an absolute baby when it comes to temperature, I used this on the rare occasions I needed to slather some on to the tops of my feet or my hands and forearms. They were mostly covered, so this got me through last year just fine.  

Spring and summer: I’m using my last Nature Republic bottle and looking for options. Missha safe block and Bioré Watery Essence are some options, so I’m researching in advance for some deals and some retailers. Canadians if you know of places I can get some genuine Bioré bottles I will be forever grateful! For a body sunblock, I’m going the drugstore route with this child-friendly option from Banana Boat. The natural reflect SPF 50 is my go-to. It’s a thick mineral sunblock that is very sweat resistant. It’s survived my trail runs just fine, which is saying something because I sweat hard when I work out. The only downside is that it leave a major white cast. It’s a problem for everyone, but especially anyone who tans fast and easily. That doesn’t stop me from wearing it, though!  I’m usually exercising with this and I’m only in one spot for so long!


What are the things you’re replacing in your skin care routine? Let me  know in the comments below or via social media.


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