the face shop the smim fermentation concentrate cleanser essence eye cream

Trial by fire: The Face Shop Smim Fermentation Concentrate set

the smim cleanser essence eye cream cream moisturizer


At the start of the year, my good friend Chie gave me some really awesome stuff to help me with my #shopthestash challenge.

One of those awesome things was this The Smim trial kit by The Face Shop.

Pretty stoked to try this out, considering a great deal of my standby products–cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer–have run out or are quickly fading fast. I am so glad that I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can try some new products! The monotony was kind of killing me.

What is it:

A four-piece collection from The Face Shop. The Smim is one of The Face Shop’s major lines. Underneath this line are a ton of mini product lines. These products come from the Fermentation Concentrate line.

The Fermentation Concentrate line is an anti-aging line that aims to brighten skin, deliver hydration and maximize skin resiliency. Its key ingredients are fermented mushrooms and yeast, apparently. Most of the fermented skin goodies I’ve tried–soybean, in particular–took really well to my skin. I’m hopeful that I’ll get similar results with this set.

According to The Face Shop, this line is good for all skin types but especially for normal skin types. We’ll see!

What’s included:

• foam cleanser (100 ml)
• essence (10 ml)
• eye cream (5 ml)
• cream (13 ml)

With the exception of the cleanser, everything is in sample size. I’ve been using the cleanser a bit on its own for a while because it’s full-sized. Despite a couple weeks of steady use I haven’t made a big dent in it yet so I’m keeping an open mind for now.

I’ll be blogging about this set for the next two weeks(ish), giving weekly updates and my final verdict when everything–save the cleanser–will be finished.

Excited to see how this set works out!


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