Review: Nature Republic France Mud Deep Clean Mask


Mud masks used to be my jam. As a teen there was nothing that I loved more than getting my mud on. Twenty minutes later and my skin would be deep cleansed, rid of excess oil and less spotty.

As I’ve gotten older, my love for mud masks has waned. They’ve been relegated to almost exclusive summer use.

I’ve been feeling a little shiny–and really nostalgic–so I broke out this mud mask a bit early.

What is it:

A mud mask designed to mop off extra oil and deep clean skin by purifying pores, removing dead skin and other impurities.


It’s clean and simple. This came from Korea but it includes English instructions and an ingredient list! I feel so ecstatic that I don’t have to translate this from Hangul.

I didn’t really love that this was in a tube. At the start it was too easy to squeeze too much and–after a certain point–it’s too hard to squeeze the remainder out. I’m going to have to go in with scissors and scoop out the dregs soon.

I like that this is more hygienic than a jar which has all the product exposed to air and has more potential to be contaminated by dirt, curious fingers or a spatula that sin’t completely clean yet. I love that the tube does keep the clay moist. While I would have preferred this to be in a pot–purely aesthetic reasons, of course–I get why this is how it is.

First impressions:

This is a light clay. It’s smooth and not clumpy. You can easily get a uniform layer right away. If I can do it, anyone can!

It doesn’t have additional scents which is nice. It just smells like clay-vaguely earthy.

This dried pretty quickly. It says that you can leave it on for up to 15 minutes, but I found that it dried in about 10.

When I wiped off the mask my skin felt amazing. Stupid soft and just really…clean.


It’s taken a while to get to this mask, let alone finish it off. I’ve finally gotten through it, only to find out it’s been discontinued. Just my luck: once I’ve realized that I really like it, I find out it’s gone.

I’m not a real fan of mud masks ever since I found affordable sheet masks, but I do sort of like this one. It’s thin and I get a pretty even layer right away. It dries quickly and evenly and it doesn’t have dry out so completely that I feel the mud crack.

My combination skin can be so finicky that it was nice to use this mask and not have my skin feel robbed of all moisture and oil.

I liked the deep clean I got with this mask. It was really gentle. I have another clay mask that I use sporadically–Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay–which I use primarily to keep breakouts at bay. I didn’t really use this mask for spots, so I can’t really comment on that. I’m sure the clay would help with acne, but I’m not quite sure how much this particular product would work.

It’s still spring so I’m really using this on my chin and t-zone. Come summer, though, and this mask will get heavy use on my whole face.

Sadly Nature Republic’s France Mud Deep Clean Pack is discontinued. Could still probably buy it off eBay and Amazon, though!


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