#shopthestash update | when buying feels weird

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I didn’t know this was possible. Four months into my #shopthestash challenge and I have to go and buy stuff. I don’t really want to, but I’ve run out of some of the essentials.

My eyeliner disappeared and I had to find the courage to declare it as a loss and go and buy a new one. I later found it a couple weeks later, hidden behind the back of my sofa.

My beauty blender is on its last legs, so I’ve purchased the Real Techniques sponge–killing two birds with one stone: trying out a new product and buying something that I really need. I’m so attached to my little blender, this purchase felt like a betrayal of sorts. It felt like Crazy, but true!

Ditto snail cream. I’m sad and excited I’ve run out. I’ve wanted to try different iterations of the snail cream and I haven’t decided yet which one ‘ll go for. It’s probably between Mizon, Benton and Cosrx. Fellow bloggers, if you’re reading this and want to give me some direction on what to buy, I’m all ears!

And SPF. Spring on the west coast has been a lot sunnier and warmer than normal, compared to the rest of the country. All that good weather means I’ve been out and about more than usual. I needed a good SPF and I’m pretty sure this tube will go by quickly.

It’s not like I haven’t gone into a store. I have.
The Bay.
Tony Moly.

I’ve gone in, sampled and swatched. But I’ve lost interest in buying something. Anything. It was nice being able to walk in, have my fun and leave empty-handed. This month was a weird month. Buying is weird. I don’t feel excited when the register pings. I feel guilty. I had to psyche myself up to buy eyeliner, my sponge and my sunscreen.

Change for the better? Yeah, I think so.


7 thoughts on “#shopthestash update | when buying feels weird

    1. Hey Jay! Snail cream is a moisturizer with snail mucin (slime) as the featured ingredient. I’m all about the snails and bees! I think the guilt comes from my stash still being so large. I’ve run out of things, but I still have a lot of miscellany around.

      1. I do too and it’s pathetic really but I’m making strides to be a better shopper. Now would likely not be the time to say I just hit pay now on argan oil. 🙂

  1. oh, i had never heard of snail cream either! i think its good you are more mindful of your shopping habits, great challenge!

    1. Yeah! Oh man! Snail cream is so awesome. Super hydrating and it’s lightened up some darker spots on my face. I’ve been using it for a long time and I’m pretty hooked! Team snail all the way!

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