face shop sheet masks missha snail cream nature republic sun liquid

Empties | April

face shop sheet masks missha snail cream nature republic sun liquid
I’ve been off the blogging train for a while. Real life has sort of taken over for the most part. But I’m still pretty much into my #shopthestash challenge. I did have to purchase a few things though since I’ve gone through some key stuff: eye liner, SPF, sheet masks. The essentials, you know.

Sheet masks | I’ve actually gone through more than just the two of these. I’ve just forgotten that I was supposed to keep them. I went though about eight this month, two weekly. All of them are from The Face Shop. I spoke about the kelp one before and I have much to talk about with this lemon one. The lemon one doesn’t smell like lemons at all! It smells like industrial cleaner. Perhaps that’s unfair, but that’s the first thing that came to mind when I put it on. Scent aside, it was a pretty good mask. Perhaps it was because my love for sheet masks eclipsed the smell, but after a couple of minutes I didn’t really notice it.

Missha super aqua snail cream | I was sad to see this go. It’s my last one and I’m pretty devastated. It means I have to go shopping again. This is pretty expensive, though easily accessible, to get in Canada so I may just stray from this and try something new. Still loving the snail, just might move on to something else. Bloggers, snail lovers, skin care aficionados: if you have any recommendations for alternative brands let me know!

This was a great cream, though its consistency is more like a gel or a lotion. It’s light, hydrating and it never broke me out. Plus snails! They’re awesome.

Nature Republic UV Lock Non-Chemical Sun Liquid | I’ve just got one more bottle of this left. So sad. It’s one of my favourite facial SPFs. It’s light, gentle and delivers amazing protection. It’s really great for the summer, mopping up any excess oil and leaving my combo skin pretty matte. Dry types should stay away from this, but my oily and combo skin friends should rejoice! This is pretty great and lasts a pretty rigorous sweat session to boot!

Stash Amount: $70*

* prices adjusted to Canadian currency



2 thoughts on “Empties | April

  1. A lot of bloggers rave about the Benton Snail Steam Cream (it’s the one in the brown tube) and it’s really affordable too. I personally found it a bit too thick, but if your skin is on the drier side you might enjoy it!

    1. Yeah, I’ve been recommended Benton a lot but I’m leaning towards Cosrx. Thanks though, Jenny! Good to know which skin type it suits!

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