#shopthestash update | reclaiming free time

AMtoPM organize beauty inventory stash homekeeping
I didn’t realize how much time I devoted to shopping–browsing online and in person; researching products and the actual shopping–until I voluntarily signed on to shop my stash.

I have a lot of time now. Good thing I’ve got a lengthy list of books to read!

At first the amount of free time was overwhelming. I didn’t know what to do with it for awhile. Here are a rundown of some of my favourite things to pass the time.

More spa days and spa nights | Beauty-related, yes. Getting to my favourite spot takes a while and shopping won out most days just out of sheer convenience. Now I can actually have the time to devote to my jjimjilbang! And the money to do it often!

Reading | I’m a big bookworm. Most of my time growing up was in the library. So much so my parents were suspicious whenever I said that. They thought “library” was code for date or illicit hang. Pft. It was code only about 30 per cent of the time. A good chunk of the books on my to-read list are beauty related. No surprise there. Quick recommendations and things I’ve already read:

• Phoebe Baker Hyde’s The Beauty Experiment | Could you do a year of no shopping, no makeup, no waxing and no grooming out of the essentials? This woman did and it was intense!
• Chizu Saeki’s The Japanese Skincare Revolution: How to have the most beautiful skin of your life–at any age | No surprises here. Skin care is kind of a big deal around the blog. This had some pretty awesome tips–most of them thrifty!
• Mark Tungate’s Branded Beauty | This is what I’m currently reading and I’m breezing through this thing. It’s part beauty industry history and part explanation of how the biggest brands have become so big through amazing storytelling and marketing. Fun fact: Did you know the founder of Revlon used to be a door-to-door nail polish salesman? He used to try on the colours on his own hand! True. Story.
• Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest | Not going to lie, I haven’t read this one yet but it’s in my book queue! Can’t. Wait.

– More time-intensive hobbies | I’ve got hobbies that take time. Crocheting and knitting, blogging and hula hooping to name a few of these. It takes time and patience to get better, master tricks and routines and actually finish projects.

In this time, I’ve finally finished the top I wanted to bring with me on holiday–that happened about five months ago.



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