LuLuLun 7-day brightening mask review

March Mask-ness | The Daily Edition, final update

LuLuLun 7-day brightening mask review
A week ago I had tried a brightening daily mask from LuLuLun as part of this month’s March Mask-ness.


In case you missed it, I’ve been trying a daily mask as part of March Mask-ness. This particular offering is a 7-day mask designed to kick dullness to the curb. Like most of March Mask-ness, this was a thoughtful gift given to me in a massive care package.

The Good:

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the serum was pretty evenly distributed in this pack. (It’s in a Ziploc bag and I wasn’t entirely sure if all the masks would be properly saturated. They are–even the ones in the middle!)

I was really surprised how moist they were and how well they retained the serum. The recommended time for this mask is to leave it on for 10-15 minutes. After such a short time, the mask is still dry. I’ve left it on a couple times for half an hour and still have found the mask to be really wet. Truly unbelievable.

This really hydrated my skin. OK, this is just a byproduct of most sheet masks. I know that. I found this one to be really good, though. My skin was incredibly soft and plump.

The Ugly:

The packaging was a bit of a pain. I know now that if I were ever to do another daily pack, I’m going to have to get a box with individually-wrapped masks. It was a bit difficult to pull the masks apart, without touching all the other masks. Yes, the Ziploc bag cuts down on waste and it helps keep everything together. But it made it so difficult to enjoy using this the whole week.

The masks were all stacked together in a small rectangle. The masks were folded way too many times and given how thin they were I had to tap into what little patience I have to unravel them without tearing. It was pretty tough to do. If they weren’t folded quite as small, they wouldn’t have fit in the package properly and they would have been really easy to tangle. I know that, but the current solution wasn’t a very good one either. Best to stick to individually-wrapped dailies now.

Now onto the masks. I’m still not sure if Japanese masks tend to do this, if LuLuLun masks are just like this or I got a weird batch. The mask is pretty much in tact. As in, all the perforations are still together around the edge of the mask and the eye sockets are attached to the mask. The mask was so thin that I was scared whenever I was tearing/punching out the gaps. The fit was a bit of an issue as well. I have a round face and it seemed the mask covered it well enough, but there wasn’t any mask left over to grip and pull over my jaw. It was a bit strange. Luckily I had my Daiso silicone cover to keep the mask in place.

Now onto the juicy stuff. Did it actually work? I hate to disappoint you, but no, it did not. The brightening mask didn’t do anything that it claimed. It might as well have been a regular sheet mask based on what effects I did notice. I did notice that my skin was a lot plumper and hydrated, but it did come at a cost. By the end of the week I had some milia spots on my cheeks and peppering my jawline. Not fun.

If you’re looking for a brightening fix, this isn’t it. LuLuLun also sells a box version with a whopping 31 masks, or 32 depending on the package. I have to wonder if you should even expect any sort of result in a week.

would i purchase this?


LuLuLun’s 7-day brightening mask can be purchased at Amazon.


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