LuLuLun 7-day brightening mask review

March mask-ness | the daily edition

LuLuLun 7-day brightening mask review

A hybrid of the sheet mask is the daily mask. Have a big event? Are you wanting to update your profile pic? No judgement, people really do that!

The daily mask is a high-maintenance way of seeing temporary results. Less temporary than the instantaneous plumping and hydration you see after a sheet mask and definitely more noticeable. Plop this sucker on daily for a week and you’re bound to see (temporary) results on a larger scale than with your weekly masks. I’ve only had two experiences with sheet masks and they were just okay. Hopefully, this experience will help me get on board with these things!

In brief: The good and the ugly

The good:

• It’s a lot quicker than a traditional sheet mask at 10-15 minutes vs. 20-30 minutes.
• If you’re consistent, you can actually see temporary results.
• If you’re really into skin care (or a good pampering session), this week will feel amazing. It’s a free pass to relax for the next 10-15 minutes.

The ugly:

• If you’re not into sheet masks, prepare for a world of hurt (at least for the next 7 days).
• You will beat yourself up if you miss a day. If you’re forgetful, set a recurring alert so you’ll be reminded daily.
• Separating the masks, for this particular pack, can be challenging as they’re not packed singly. Take care that you only take out one and not the lot.
• On a related subject, really try and handle the masks with tweezers or something similar. Contamination can be really easy to do if you’re not careful.

Dailies on trial: LuLuLun brightening mask

For March Mask-ness, I’m trying out this daily mask by a Japanese brand LuLuLun. I received a large swath of masks from The Brown Eyed Fox, including this particular one. It seems to be the only product that they make, but they make the masks in about

LuLuLun has since redesigned this mask, but if you’re looking for it it’s the brightening one. This is the repackaged version, which is a smidge smaller. Great for getting as much serum on the mask and on your face as opposed to scraping it from the bag. The mask is apparently also slightly redesigned by the eye holes. Not only that, but apparently the mask has more papery fibres. That’s all for the redesigned masks, so I can’t say for sure if I’ll have the same experience.

I’ve never tried a Japanese mask before so I’m doubly excited to try this out. I don’t think you can get this in Canada easily, so I’m pretty psyched.

This particular mask is totally different compared to most of the masks I use. This one is in a Ziplock bag. I’ve only tried a couple of dailies and all of them were in individual packets in a box. This should be interesting!

Check back on Thursday and Sunday for a full review on this mask!


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