Tony Moly Caviar Aqua Aura The Face Shop kelp mask review JYJ

March Mask-ness | Marine masks

Tony Moly Caviar Aqua Aura The Face Shop kelp mask review JYJ

Last week was the first week of March Mask-ness. For the first week, I’ve been doing sheet masks with a marine-based theme. It’s still winter and I know I really shouldn’t whine considering it’s been ridiculously, unseasonably warm since the start of the year. But still. My skin has been pretty dry and flaky of late.

It doesn’t matter if the cherry blossoms bloomed early. Really. They really did!


The Face Shop Kelp Mask | I reviewed this one a little bit with my sheet mask 101 post. Good news: this doesn’t really smell like anything. It definitely doesn’t smell like kelp. The kelp is supposed to boost hydration and slow down anti-aging. I can’t really speak to the anti-aging, but the kelp mask was great at boosting hydration.

The fit of this mask leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a bit too big for my face and has a tendency to shift, but I have a ton of The Face Shop masks. With my silicone mask on top, it’s not so bad since any shifting that might occur is kept to a minimum.

This mask and all The Face shop masks are pretty reasonable, plus you can scoop any additional serum out of the package and onto your face. Stock up during their promo sales, which happen a few times a year.

Tony Moly Aqua Aura mask | I have many things to say about this mask, but two standouts are JYJ are pimping out my mask and yes, I know this is an older mask because JYJ is pimping this mask. To the best of my knowledge, B1A4 would be pimping out my mask right now if I got a more recent sample.

This had a very floral scent for a moisturizing mask. But even that was okay. In fact, this was my favourite mask of the bunch!

I’ve never tried a Tony Moly mask before and the first thing I thought of after I got past the whole JYJ thing was: OMG the eye holes fit my eyes way better! Come to think of it, this whole sheet mask fits my face a lot better. Generally all the holes are a lot less wider than The Face Shop masks (my usual go-to), but they’re slightly more rounder and the general size of the mask is a bit smaller as well. Totally fine with me–I’ve got a small, but incredibly round face!

The Face Shop masks always tend to have too much sheet for my face and I always feel because of that, it’s a little more unwieldy than it should be. Constantly shifting and falling apart on me because there isn’t enough face for the sheet to latch onto.

Luckily, I have more Tony Moly masks. I’m totally stocking up on these if this mask gives any indication of what they other ones are like. Tony Moly you’re going to be my new face jam!

I found this a hard one to really review since I’m unclear what the main ingredient is. This was a promo sheet mask not for sale, but based on the “Aqua” part of the title I’m guessing the masks were infused with more water than usual. Generally all sheet masks are infused with serums/essences designed to help add in moisture as a byproduct of the serum cocktail. It did deliver on the moisture, which is what I’m usually after with a sheet mask anyway. No complaints here.

Tony Moly Caviar mask | This is technically not a “hydration” mask, per se; it’s a nutritive mask. I’m going with a marine theme this week, so it’s all good.

I wear a silicone mask on top which helps the sheet mask underneath from shifting and allowing me to do more with the mask on than sit around. Turns out that the Tony Moly promo mask was a bit of a unicorn. This Tony Moly mask fits a bit better, but the eye sockets are a bit wider and less round. Bummer. It also doesn’t go as far down my chin and jaw. There simply isn’t any excess sheet that I can wrap around my neck, like with some other sheet masks.

I’m beginning to think all the Tony Moly masks have the same floral smell. That’s fine. Once it’s out of the pack and on my face, I can barely smell it. This had a lot of serum/essence packed in. I left the sheet on for 45 minutes and the sheet mask was still pretty moist. Enough that I could squeeze out the remaining serum and make my own sheet mask. (I didn’t, but the important part was that I could).

As far as ingredients go, this caviar mask is by far the most bourgeois mask I’ve ever tried. It’s claimed that caviar brings a lot of cosmetic benefits to the table. Lots of hydration and anti-aging by boosting collagen production. Unfortunately I couldn’t verify any of those claims. All of these caviar figures and benefits were produced from research by cosmetic companies launching items featuring caviar extract. 

Of course, don’t expect any of these benefits from sheet masks alone. Best to eat the caviar and get the benefits that way. Plus you’d be eating caviar!


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