Make Up for Ever Rouge Natural no 9 review

Sample Selection Saturday | Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N9

Make Up for Ever Rouge Natural  no 9 review

What is it:

OK. For those of you who are avid Sephora shoppers this will look familiar. This was last year’s Sephora birthday present together with a sample size of mascara. I have a late birthday–this post is allowed!

This particular lip is MUFE Rouge Natural No. 9 (Copper Pink).

In brief: the good and the ugly:

The Good:

I was prepared to hate this lipstick, but it’s really good!

The colour is not something I’d choose based on what it looks like in the tube – it reminds me of Marsala, Pantone’s colour of the year. This dark red/brown combination is not something I’d normally choose for myself. I normally stick to neutrals, pinks and orange-reds. Fortunately for me, the lipstick doesn’t look anything like the bullet. It’s actually the perfect neutral lip. (For reference, I hover somewhere along NC 25-30, but go several shades paler or darker depending on the seasons.

Paler skin tones might actually be able to use this lipstick to stay on trend. If you’re looking to incorporate some Marsala into your makeup this year, this is something that could work!

I prefer a matte which leads to dry and scaly lips. This is so moisturizing and so soothing. I love this little guy! This is great for the days where I want to rehab my lips but want colour. Like a lip balm, but way better! Super creamy, but I doubt it lasts the 8 hours it is advertised. It was more like 3-4 hours, 5 on a good day. Good enough that you can last the morning, wipe off for lunch and re-apply afterwards! I tend to bite my lips a lot throughout the day, it actually might last longer than what I experience.

Quick, idiot-proof application. This is really speaking to the lipsticks I do have which tend to be a lot of brights that can easily go wrong with sloppy application. I love that I can swipe this on from the bullet without looking at a mirror and not wonder if I coloured a bit outside the lines if I’m running late or want to look put together.

Nice finish! This is a satin finish–basically a hint of shine. Super natural! Not super lip glossy and not frosted. Absolutely perfect!

This is pigmented and can be buildable. This is a great neutral with one swipe from the tube. I’m not used to wearing dark neutrals, so one swipe is usually good enough for me.

The Ugly: 

To be honest, there really isn’t anything negative I can say about this lipstick. I’m a bit annoyed because I have relatively new neutrals and if my birthday was a lot sooner I could have just picked this up. I have a couple of lipsticks to finish off before I can move on to this full-sized option from Make Up For Ever.

The cost might be something people will balk at. Make Up For Ever is not an inexpensive brand, nor is it the most expensive brand I’ve ever tried. The lipstick is moderately priced at $23 CDN. Personally, I would be using this on the regular so the cost-per-wear for me is pretty minimal. Plus I like lipstick. It’s all about priorities.

It’s fairly long-lasting, but take those claims that this lipstick can last 8 hours after application with a large fistful of salt. Under what conditions would this creamy lipstick last that long? Expect it to last a little more than half that if you don’t have a lip biting habit like myself.

Would I purchase?


Rouge Natural No. 9 ($23 CDN, plus tax) can be purchased at a Make Up for Ever near you and at Sephora stores online and in-store. 


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