Weleda Skin Food Missha Snail Cream Face Shop blackhead sun liquid

Empties | February

Weleda Skin Food Missha Snail Cream Face Shop blackhead sun liquid

A short month, but chock-full of empties! #shopthestash is still going strong and I’m pretty set in my wanting to not purchase any more than I really need to. I ran out of sun block, but I’ve got some extra bottles of sun liquid I reserve for my face. Problem solved. For now.

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay blackhead pack | I love this thing so much because I can peel it off. Plus it’s blue. It does take a bunch of stubborn blackheads out which is great and disgusting. What I don’t love is the strong alcoholic smell I get out of this sometimes and the goopyness of it. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as too goopy until I tried this.

Missha safe block SPF 25 | This is the kids version of Missha’s incredibly popular line of “safe block” and sun liquid. Don’t believe me? Check out the bear below the white box! This is a great physical sunblock. It’s gentle and provides pretty good protection. Just take lots of time to really rub it in. The zinc in this thing leaves my skin looking really white but I’ve never burned with this on and it lasts for quite a while.

Missha Super Aqua Snail Cream | I’m sad and happy this is all gone . Happy–I’ve gone through one pot. Sad–I’ve got just one pot left before I’ll have to move on and use an alternative. This thing is awesome!

Weleda Skin Food | Not to be confused with the brand Skin Food, which I’m pretty fond of. This thing is great for every dry bit on your body. It’s thick, has an herbal-y smell and soothes like no other. My favourite spots to use this is on my hands, cuticles, elbows and chapped lips. Really. They are so good at soothing cracked and jacked lips. An absolute lifesaver for the winter.

Sample selection Saturdays

Skin Food Sake Pore Serum | For oily-skinned folks or for summer use this is amazing. It literally soaks up all the excess oil. I only had to blot once late in the day and a half-hearted blot, at that. So good! If I’m out of serum by summer…I will pick this up!

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Masque | Sadly this mask is discontinued. But it’s a very good mask!

Make Up For Ever Rouge Natural Lipstick No 9 | Yes, that mini lipstick was from last year’s Sephora giveaway. I have a late birthday! This is one awesome lipstick. I didn’t think I would like it, but the finish is a subtle wash of colour. And it’s moisturizing!

Skin Food Black Sugar Strawberry Mask (wash-off) | This black sugar mask is boss. It’s a gentle exfoliator and it’s quite awesome

Stash amount: ~$110*

*converted into retail prices in CDN dollars


2 thoughts on “Empties | February

    1. Hey Jenny! Sorry this took so long–I don’t know if it smelled a lot like strawberry jam. To me it smelled like artificial strawberry bubble tea or strawberry pocky. It is a very strong smell, so if you like that particular scent go for it and get this scrub! It’s pretty good!

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