#shopthestash update: Treat Yo’ Self to some service

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#shopthestash has caused me to think creatively. This month was like treat yo’ self day–over the course of a month.

Seriously, everyone should do treat yo’ self day. At least once a year. It’s the best day of the year.

The best day of the year!


Once a month I go to my usual place where they do my brows in under 10 minutes and I leave sobbing–from the sting, not because of how they look (which is fab, if you were wondering).

I decided to spring for the more prestige place I only go to when I’m crunched for time and need to look good ASAP.

This place is 4x the money, but it’s worth it. Stepping into the place is so wonderful. The whole shop is pink and bright and they offer you chaï or water or both, if you’re thirsty. They take your coat and your bag. The technicians talk to you and ask you about your brows.

They even do a mini consultation! The first time I went there they gave me a postcard with my brow shape and the recommended time to see them again. The last time I went my technician drew in my brows after I told her what I wanted then she asked me if I knew they were uneven and if that’s why I gave her those instructions. She put on aloe before she went ahead and threaded, gave me the mirror multiple times to see if I wanted to change things and gave me some rose gel and a brow and facial/scalp massage. No joke. The piece de resistance was the brow makeup I had applied before I left. Granted, it was about double the time I normally sit in the chair, but still.

They offer takeaway literature if it’s your first time threading about what to expect and what to

When I checked my phone a couple minutes later, they even sent me a thank you email.

Service: treat yo’ self to some.

Spa day

I love me a good spa day. I don’t go to a normal spa, though. I go to a jjimjilbang*, a Korean spa where I get the cleanest I can possibly get. It’s also insanely affordable compared to a traditional spa as we know it. Jjimjilbangs are one thing Jan and I love pretty hard. Both of us went to Korea and came back with a healthy appreciation for the experience. I probably came back with a more than healthy appreciation, but I had been there during a winter that was unreasonably, unseasonably cold.

It’s the best pamper routine that I have in my arsenal and I’m so glad that this challenge has given me more license to indulge in it more.

*And a more humorous though totally NSFW Conan spa day. For a guy’s perspective of it all.

Get your hair did

A good haircut does wonders to freshening up a look. Plus, they take away your split ends. I don’t go to a super fancy place where they do your hair while you sip wine, but if that’s something you want to do. Go for it!


Technically this wasn’t from this month, but late last month I ended up going to a networking event that was far from the norm: it involved makeovers and headshots. In my opinion, all networking events should have these two things as the norm.

Makeovers can be fun and educational. I’m the type of person I’m sure most makeup artists hate having sit for them. I ask a ton of questions about what they’re doing and why and how I can emulate them at home. The thing is, I don’t feel bad about it. I That’s the only way I’m going to learn and who better to teach me than getting advice from someone paid to be around it all. All the time.

I’ve learned far more about makeup sitting for makeup artists than I have in all my hours of watching Youtube videos. Except ones from Wayne Goss and Lisa Eldridge–I learn just as much from them in 10 minutes as I do from getting my face done.

Things I did learn: I’ve been doing a cat eye all wrong. The tape thing I use to get a good flick is good, but the best thing I could do is try and use a brush to get really in there and get it flat. I also need to fill in slightly in the space below my eye to get my wing all straight and change my cat eye shape completely. Also, when in a pinch mascara works well as a substitute for liner. Just work really fast.

Another method to apply brush is the infinity/horizontal-8 around the apples of your cheeks and extend along the width of your face. Apparently it’s a technique from Make Up For Ever and it evenly distributes the colour onto your cheeks. I don’t normally do it this way because to slim down my round face I like to brush upwards towards my temples.

MUAs: If I’m doing this all wrong and you want to teach me a thing or two (or five) let me know!


What’s your favourite service you like to indulge in? Let me know
in the comments below or via social media.

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