MAC pro DIY lipstick palette

Quickie: Mac Pro Palette

MAC pro DIY lipstick palette

It was after a late night recently when I decided to get a palette and de-pot my lipsticks. Last year at work I was talking to a friend and broke my HG work lipstick in half. At the base. It took months to replace and, to this day, it still hurts to remember. I had to throw that lipstick out.

If only I had a palette! I could have saved it!

After reading this XOVain article I got so excited. I would have called Jan but it was way too late. So I slept on it. That is, after watching whatever I possibly could watch on Youtube about this palette idea.

I woke up the next day and texted Jan all excited. (Luckily, Jan and I have been friends for years and is used to me talking about random ideas with fierce enthusiasm. She was a champ and took my “brilliant” idea with aplomb! Thank you, Jan!)

When I went to MAC it was there along with the palette (the 12-pan customizable typically for base and concealer, but misappropriated for lipstick). Hula hoopers were also there to promote MAC’s Toledo collaboration.

It. Was. A. Sign.

I see this little palette streamlining my travel bag (all lipstick, base and brow stuff anyway), clearing off a sizeable chunk of my dresser and allowing me the opportunity to admire all the pretty colours together without having to open up the lipsticks needlessly.

So stoked to make this DIY lip palette!


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