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A couple weeks ago–alright, a month ago–something wonderful happened. I checked Twitter and got a message from the NARSissist wanting to give me a special thank you gift. Well, the pleasure is all mine NARS. Anytime, really.

Once I realized that what I was reading was legit, I punched my fist through the air and let out a high-pitched squee. Really. I had the biggest grin for the rest of the day.

As far as I know, the lovely people at NARS have no idea I blog. They just probably read our Twitter feed and noticed a large uptick of tweets raining massive love on all the products I enjoy from their brand. Of which there are many. I’m chalking this one up to a random stroke of good luck on my part and a random act of rewarding NARS customers on behalf of the company.

A package from FedEx came and delivered this wonderful package. #shopthestash has gotten ridiculously easy, you guys. I hope this is how the whole year will turn out!

Fun fact: NARS was actually my first foray into a grown-up department store brand. It was swag from when I was interning at a fashion blog. I got a lipgloss (Striptease) and blush (Deep Throat). Not only was the pigmentation and wearability ridiculously good but the packaging was awesome. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good product name. Slightly rude ones, are a bonus. The people who come up with those names have the best life. I’m sure of it.

The goods

Mandore Satin Lip Pencil | This is a bit of a departure from my go-to lip. I prefer a bold, bright matte or a neutral. This is dark for me. I’m excited though! On the website it says it’s a cranberry. From the swatch it looks like marsala, the touted colour of the year. I wonder what colour it’ll take on my lips. Excited to try this out and get out of my comfort zone a bit!

Jardin Perdu Eyeshadow Duo | Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! I haven’t worn eyeshadow in about six years. These two are definitely a departure to what I would have normally chosen. Neutrals with pops of gold and lilac, if anyone is interested. I like them though! The duo is from their night collection. I definitely see it. The colours are bold and pigmented and a no-brainer for nighttime use. The challenge will be to use them in the daytime. I’ll need a light hand and have to improve my blending game.

A handwritten note | Gosh, honestly – this was the best part! The handwritten note! I read the “unabashed” part with a little chagrin, but when I like something I really like something. I promote hard about it and I am really enthusiastic.

While this was a thank you present for me, I would just like to give the wonderful NARS people a big thank you for rewarding loyalty and making damn good products! Thanks so much!


What’s the best experience you’ve had with a brand? I’d love to know!
Ditto what brand you’d love to see employing a similar tactic. Let me
know in the comments below or via social media!

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10 thoughts on “Haul | NARS

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nia and for leaving such a lovely comment. Yes. I think that solidified my love for NARS, not that it wasn’t rock solid before this gift!

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