Weleda Skin Food review

Three things…to keep chapped lips at bay

A lovely, timely roundup. Chapped, dry lips are still something that I need to watch out. It’s still winter after all.

Here are three things to keep your pout looking (and feeling) lovely.

The SPF | Jack Black Intense Therapy SPF 15

This SPF is great. I can wear it under some lipstick, which I try and dab on so I don’t rub off that important coverage. Mostly, though, I use this on its own as I commute or off-duty when I can’t be fussed to wear anything else.

The mainstay | Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm

If you’ve ever tried the rosebud salve, by the same people, this is basically it. With some mint thrown in. This is the best. #ShoptheStash has really helped me rediscover some old favourites. Good thing – otherwise this would have been left to languish on my desk until I ventured another deep clean. This is really great at hydrating the lips for day or night. This is good for off-duty days around the house, during the day if you prefer not to use a lip colour and as a balm before bed.

As some with the rosebud salve will know, this is great for not just lips but any other dry bits on your body. Elbows, cuticles and hands can also get some love from this balm.

The balm isn’t too sticky and delivers a perfect amount of gloss. Not too much.

The big guns | OK. Say the mainstay no longer works. Say your lips are just too far gone to be saved with that. Enter Weleda Skin Food. An unorthodox choice? Maybe, but it’s crazy effective.

Weleda also sells a sample/travel size of Skin Food, about the size of a tiny tube of toothpaste. I like keeping that over the full-size tube, just because you can apply it like a lip gloss.

Bonus thing | Lush lip scrub. Pick your flavour and lick it off. Personally, I think exfoliation and moisturizing should go hand in hand. Plus, it’s sugar. And this particular one has a punn-y name. C’mon–mint ju-lips?! So…there are no reasons to not like it.


What are your favourite products for keeping chapped lips at bay?
Lipstick biters, runners and habitual lip biters: I’m talking to you!

Let me know in the comments below or via social media!

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2 thoughts on “Three things…to keep chapped lips at bay

  1. I really liked how the Rosebud Salve’s made my lips feel, but the rose scent was a bit too strong for me. I swear by my Dior Creme de Rose, which has a lighter rose scent and is slightly heavier. I love applying it at night and it makes my lips super soft the next day! I am looking for a lip scrub though, and the Lush ones sound really good!

    1. I’ve never tried Creme de Rose. Does it have the same consistency? I’ll check it out. I love the Lush scrubs. They last forever and they come in a ton of flavours. Thanks for commenting Jenny!

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