Smashbox always sharp eyeliner

Review | Smashbox always sharp eyeliner

Smashbox always sharp eyeliner
When I first heard about this self-sharpening eyeliner I rejoiced. As a kid I hated pencil sharpening. I hated my pencil sharpeners. So much so as soon as I could I moved on to mechanical pencils. Way easier.

As a beauty junkie I hate pencil eyeliner with a similar passion. So much so I moved on to powder eyeshadow because I didn’t want to deal with finding a sharpener, sharpening my pencils and the inevitable buying of another sharpener when I misplaced the one I had.

Those things get lost so easily!

This came with a lot of fanfare. Since I’m a fan of novelty and innovation I picked this up on a whim. Plus I needed a new eyeliner so…

What is it:

A kohl eyeliner that self-sharpens each time you use it.

How do you use it?:

Every time you twist it open, the eyeliner automatically sharpens into a nice tip.

First impressions:

Love it! So convenient! I have to touch up my liner throughout the day because I tend to rub my eyes. I know, it’s a bad habit. I can easily tote this around without having to bring a sharpener. Very cool.

Love the consistency. I love using kohl as it really makes my eyes pop and it can be as subtle or as dramatic, depending on how I apply it. I was using kajal for a while, but stopped because it was too expensive.

Fuss-free. There’s no learning curve with a pencil liner, which is great. There was a learning curve with kajal and there’s a massive learning curve with liquid eyeliner. I can easily and quickly line my eyes and run out of the door.


After a while – consistent use over a couple of months – I’ve decided this is not for me.

I liked the pencil finish, which I found subtle enough for day wear. I also liked that I could make it a bit more dramatic for night as well.

I love the convenience of the packaging. The self-sharpening aspect makes this ideal for toting around for quick touch-ups as well as travel.

I knew that with a pencil liner, long-lasting wear wasn’t very realistic. What I am a bit miffed about is the application. It wasn’t as smooth as I like it to be. The pencil was a bit dry and application was, at times, spotty. It would jump spots and look a little bit like Morse Code. Or staccato points. Ironic, since my lids tend to be a bit oily. I didn’t really appreciate the tugging that occurred whenever I tried to put this on.

Over time the texture was a bit weird and made me look all smudgy and sloppy. I tend to rub my eyes, so the liner quickly disappeared on my lash line. What was weird was there would be black smudges on the bottom lashes and onto the skin under my eye. It looked like I had two tiny black eyes.

Thankfully, when I noticed this I stopped using it for daily wear and saved it for times I would go out and run short errands or instances where it would be impossible for me to rub my eyes.

Will I repurchase?


Smashbox’s eyeliner can be found online and in store at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale


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