#shopthestash update: first month struggles

AMtoPM organize beauty inventory stash homekeepingTo be honest, #shopthestash hasn’t been too bad so far. I did stock up on some hauls in the lead-up to this year long challenge.

This month I also received a massive care package so that really helped sooth any anxious feelings or urges to go out and shop. An unexpected gift also appeared so I’ve been ridiculously lucky.

But there have been some bumps in the road. I completely forgot about Sephora’s January skin extravaganza. That really hurt. Ditto emails from Innisfree about awesome value sets and Boscia about new product launches. I haven’t been brave enough to unsubscribe for things, since I can still purchase things that I’ve used up. But I have been deleting emails with relish. Promotional emails still get to me, but not as badly as they did before.

I’ve coped with the struggle to shop by visiting shops. I window browse. Maybe I’m tempting fate, but it makes me feel better than if I banned myself from even looking at a counter. If I did a full-on vigilant ban like that I think you’d find me at a Sephora grabbing hundreds of dollars of merchandise in a few months.

Sometimes just walking through a store being surrounded by all the pretty things is enough to curb the urge to spend. I love choice more than anything else. Looking and trying new shades of lipsticks – all bold, all bright – and sitting with it for a while often helps. I’ve been wracking up a wishlist and these visits to the shops have helped whittle that list down instead of add to it. Strange, I know.

As bad as the struggle has gotten, I’m feeling incredibly happy with the progress I’ve made. I can see the slow progression of things being used and space being reclaimed. The amount of things headed to the recycling bin are mounting. I’ve rediscovered things that I’ve loved but have cast aside for something newer.


4 thoughts on “#shopthestash update: first month struggles

  1. I love how positive you’re feeling hun. I am definitely taking some of that good energy and applying it to myself. It’s the promotions that hurt the most!!! Arrgh!!!

    Here’s to another positive month. I am starting to love seeing pots empty up and seeing spaces appears in boxes and drawers too! 😉

    Sal xxx | UmmBaby

    1. Thanks Sal! I had an incredibly auspicious start to the year and the challenge! I’m incredibly thankful to be that lucky. It is the promotions that hurt, but I think the main challenge for me will be to fight the monotony and make each product fun to use every time.

      I’m glad I have a community that is doing this with me! It’s nice and keeps me accountable!

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