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AMtoPM Haul The Face Shop

In the weeks leading up to #shopthestash I did more the my normal share of beauty spending to prepare myself just a little bit for the long time ahead of shopping my beauty stores.

Behold my bounty:

Charcoal Konjac Cleansing Puff | A throwback from way back. This was one of my first Korean purchases and I loved it. So convenient for travel – just use with some cleanser, rinse and dry.

Green tea hand cream | To keep my hands hydrated and protected from dryness, wind and the cold.

Face masks | I’m a sucker for a sheet mask. Incredibly portable, infinite selections to cater every skin condition and super convenient. Best of all, it’s not steep Sephora prices and a little closer to what I’m comfortable paying.

I’m not in Korea now, so the days were these sheets would be $0.50 apiece on sale are no longer.

$2 a mask, regular price isn’t too bad though. All things considered.


5 thoughts on “Haul | The Face Shop

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jessica! I’m not sure that they’ve made it to the UK but they do have a couple stores in the States. Definitely some in California and New York, if that is where you’re headed. My advice is to stock up on the sheet masks! They are so good!

    1. I know! It physically hurts me to go to TFS/Tony Moly/wherever and KNOW how much I could be getting it for if only I decided to stay! LOL. We’ll book the tickets to coincide with their 1+1 sales. Prepare to fight for your masks to the death!

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