Review | Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm

AMtoPM smith's rose lip balm review
I’ve been a fan of Smith’s Perfume Co. since I first got my tiny hands on their rosebud salve at an Urban Outfitters. I felt so cool!

(A couple years ago, I would have shamefully admitted that. Their beauty department has gone through a major overhaul, so now I can say that loud and proud.)

Their rosebud salve was a mainstay during university. I picked this up out of nostalgia and because I wanted the minty goodness of this balm. It was also one of the few brands that I recognized and I picked it up with no hesitation.

What is it:

I know it says lip balm, but it’s essentially the rosebud salve with different packaging. To keep this clean and hygienic, I scoop out a bit with a tiny plastic spatula. Not only is this amazing at conditioning and moisturizing lips, but it’s great for any dry patch of skin.


I love the little vintage tin. At the time of purchase, they didn’t have the tube. It’s a testament to how long I’ve held on to this.

The tube would be better to tote around. I used to keep this tub with me in my bag and it wasn’t such a bother to carry it around. It’s small, it’s lightweight and it won’t break or compromise the product if it slips through my grasp or accidentally gets rolled over by my office chair. (Don’t worry. It came away relatively unscathed–with only some minor dents and scratches.)

While it still occasionally tags along with me, I have my SPF lip balm with me as well as a favourite dry skin saviour as options. This is great for the office though! It lived there for a time before taking up permanent residence on my bedside table.

First Impressions:

This is just like the salve (which I love) but better because of the mint!

Like each time I buy the salve and when I first used the lip balm, it was amazing. I used it for everything and it didn’t leave my general person for a while before I moved on to something new.

It’s sticky and glossy. On its own, I really like putting it when I’m going for a “no makeup, I just ran out of the house and I woke up like this” complete with quick and easy donut bun, a quick swath of brow pencil and curled lashes. The lip balm is also great for overnight treatments and moisturizing lips off-duty or on the job when you can’t be fussed to wear or reapply your lipstick or lip gloss.

This lip balm also gets heavy-duty use as a cuticle moisturizer. I use my hands a lot. They never stop working. To repay them for their hard work I treat them to this, especially in the winter.


You know how some people don’t like Vaseline? This has the same consistency, which is why I ultimately stopped using the salve. Why? The common ingredient is petroleum.

It’s less sticky and thick compared to Vaseline or pure petroleum jelly. It has the same hydrating effect, though!

It does take a while for the balm to sink into the skin. For lips, it’s not such a big deal. For any other part of your body though, factor in some time for it to absorb.

There isn’t anything wrong with petroleum, it’s just I prefer not to use it. Sometimes though, that’s one of the few things to really rehabilitate my skin from its parched and cracked state. I recently fell back into love with this thing when I got sick and I also reach for this or the rose salve for some cold weather protection. It brought my dehydrated lips back to life and I wore it constantly to get myself back to baby soft lips. It’s winter now, so I keep it pretty close and use it often.

I have a love-hate relationship with the salve. It lasts forever. In and of itself a good thing, except I like the option of trying something novel.

I still do try new things, but I feel immensely guilty for any potential waste that might occur. One more thing opened means it’s one more thing I need to keep in rotation and use till it expires. Sometimes that creates waste, every time it creates this pressure in me to use it in a timely fashion.

That’s just me, though. I’m not sure this is a thing for other people.

I like the low number of ingredients. The ingredients are really simple and it’s clear what they are without having to consult an ingredients database. With the exception of the trade secrets perfume bit at the end, for obvious reasons.

(I like knowing what’s inside of my lip stuff, because I ingest a lot of lipstick and lip balm through biting my lip and eating and drinking. Try as I might, I forget to blot my lips each and every time I sit down for a meal. Crazy, I know.)

This is great for value. Is it the cheapest lip balm I’ve ever purchased? No. But it’s so much more than that. It can be used for other purposes. If you have dry skin this is especially beneficial to you.

This is really versatile. The pot is the perfect amount for cuticles, lips, elbows and other bits of your body that need an extra dose of hydration.

If, however, you’re the type who wants to have their lip balm as lip balm and nothing else (no judgement) this probably isn’t for you.

Would I repurchase?

Yes. Probably.

Minted Rose lip balm (22g, $8.50 CDN + tax) can be found online and in-store at Sephora and American Apparel. Tube available online at Urban Outfitters.


4 thoughts on “Review | Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm

  1. Goodness this is my lifesaver! I have bought more than a dozen of these in the past couple of years, and have given them out to my friends and family back in Korea (or more like they took it from me haha). It is so amazing, and I love the minty smell this tinted one has!

    Okay I just got super excited to see my favorite product lol. Anyhow, awesome post! 🙂



    1. OMG yes! I forgot to mention I got this particular tin from Olive Young and I balked at the price. Weirdly, I think it was cheaper than Burt’s Bees and everything that isn’t Korean is really expensive anyway. Thanks for stopping by and commenting HaeMin! Stop by and gush anytime!

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