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Haul | Care Package


…Because the best hauls are the ones where you didn’t foot the bill.

My lovely friend Chie, of The Brown Eyed Foxsent me a wonderful care package about two weeks ago.

Even though we aren’t geographically far away, I was surprised that I received it within the week she sent it. Canada Post, sometimes you astound me.

Inside the box were presents! All expertly done up in festive wrapping paper.

Here’s the before.

AMtoPM Chie Haul presents

Here’s the after.

Masks Sheet Masks The Face Shop The Smim Boscia black mask Skinfood cactus agave serum

Holy masks, batman! | Chie and I have much in common. One of those things: sheet masks. I was so happy, I almost cried. Since this year is #shopthestash, I was wondering what I would do when I ran out of masks. Technically I could go buy some, but the rules are that I also have to use up substitutes. I would have to go through all my other masks instead of running out to buy more sheets.

Thanks to Chie, I get to enjoy a variety of sheets for a little while longer.

So much Skinfood | We don’t have a freestanding Skinfood store in Canada. Even though Skinfood wasn’t my favourite store in Korea, I still miss it from time to time. (They have some great nail polish and their Black Sugar mask is really good!)

While you can find some Skinfood products in specialty shops, the selection is often woefully lacking. My lovely friend got me some of their awesome stuff – including the snail mask! There was even a bottle of serum that I’m stoked to try!

Trial sets | I love a good trial set. This one is from The Face Shop’s “The Smim” line. Items from The Smim are made from a blend of fermented foods and ingredients, including Natto (a food made from fermented soybeans). I’ve tried something with fermented soybeans before so it would be interesting to see how this whole line turns out. I really liked the samples I tried during Sample Swag September albeit from a different brand. I’m super keen to try this.

Assorted bits and bobs | Other notable things from the care package are a tube of BB cream, some jelly circles I’m stoked to try and a lip mask, which apparently is also good for the bust!

lips and bust pack

A million thanks to my friend, who made #shopthestash a little bit easier.


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