Jack Black Intense Therapy review Mint

Review | Jack Black Intense Therapy Mint SPF 25

Jack Black Intense Therapy review Mint

Have you been to the men’s section at Sephora? It’s that tiny corner (or dinky shelf, in some stores) way at the back. The one that doesn’t get much traffic.

It has some good stuff there!

Case in point: this is from the men’s section of Sephora. I picked up a couple of these from my Sephora haul a while back. This is one of the things I need to keep in stock before I run out. It’s just that good.

This has been one of my HG lip products since university.

Those days, of which, are long behind me.

What is it:

Jack Black is a men’s line. They have products for everything: tackling hair, body, skin care and shaving needs.

Their intense therapy lip balms come in a variety of flavours, including: original (mint and shea butter); grapefruit and ginger; black tea and blackberry; lemon and chamomile; and shea butter and Vitamin E.


Not a whole lot to claim, though with a name like “Intense Therapy”, I’m going to assume this balm is highly moisturizing.

The balm is supposed to have antioxidants as well as shea butter and avocado oil for deeply penetrating hydration.


The packaging is really simple and chic. It is a men’s line, after all, and the aim isn’t to have flashy packaging. It’s to be as unobtrusive as possible.

I really like the tube. I find it easy to apply with one hand. Even taking the cap off and putting it back on can be done one-handedly – with some practice.

This feature was why I loved it so much at university. I could use it during the commute! One hand was already clutching books and a pole on the bus. The other hand could easily apply lip balm and push errant hair out of my face and behind my ear.

I still love this for morning commutes to work, where one hand is clutching the pole on the bus and my phone.

One-handed products for the win!

first impressions:

Originally I bought this because my lips for two reasons: my lips were dying for hydration and I wanted a balm with SPF. (Canadians, make sure that anything you purchased advertising SPF has a DIN number. That means it actually has SPF. On this tube, the DIN is the set of blurry white lines underneath the diamond.)

This is a great balm. It’s not shiny, sticky or heavy. It’s unscented and the mint flavour leaves a slight tingle on the lips. Nothing major, but it’s pleasant all the same.


The price is a bit high for a lip balm at $8.50-$9CDN (plus tax) but I use it daily at least once, so cost-per-use isn’t high at all.

I love that this balm is in a tube that I can carry anywhere. It doesn’t take much space, I can put it in the tiniest pocket and get on with whatever I’m doing.

I find I don’t need a lot of the balm, just a tiny squeeze brings out all the product I need for one application. I don’t find myself re-applying this too often, just once or twice a day on days I’m working or running errands. I apply more often on days when I’m out at the beach or doing something outside.

I can’t speak to the other flavours – I’ve never tried them – but there aren’t many things I don’t love about this balm.

I don’t normally venture into the men’s section, but some of their stuff is amazing.

After all, why should guys have all the fun?!

Would I re-purchase?


Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm – in mint and all other flavours – can be found at Holt Renfrew, SHOP MASC (in-store and online) and Sephora in-store and online. It retails for roughly $8.50 CDN, plus tax.


2 thoughts on “Review | Jack Black Intense Therapy Mint SPF 25

  1. Hi hun,

    I don’t mind that this is a product aimed for men. I’ve had my eye on these babies for ages and have actually seen that they are available from a UK online stockist so woohoo! I won’t be buying until I need to, in accordance with shopthestash/spending ban 😉 but I am so glad to hear you love it.

    Sal xxx | UmmBaby

    1. Do you have a lip balm with SPF?! That’s the main reason I bought it. If you don’t have one you should totally go out and not feel guilty about it. Lips need protection! It’s usually one of the spots people tend to forget about! (Yes, I’m enabling – but for a good cause!)

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