hera MUFE HD Kiss Me Heroine OCC Lip Tar Kevyn Aucoin Urban Decay Dolly Wink eyeliner Koji eyelash curler Beauty Blender

#shopthesteash: Beauty edition

hera MUFE HD Kiss Me Heroine OCC Lip Tar Kevyn Aucoin Urban Decay Dolly Wink eyeliner Koji eyelash curler Beauty Blender

This is the year I shop my stash. My beauty stockpile compared to some hardcore beauty lovers and beauty bloggers is ridiculously small. Still, I could go years without buying some items.

As much as I love skin care, I love good beauty tools with equal fervour.

With the exception of base and mascara, I don’t actually have a beauty stockpile. Once these things run out, I’m free to purchase. #shopthestash rules!

Here are the staples I’ll be using until I run out.


MAC Brow Pencil (Stud) | This is something I will have to repurchase since I don’t have a good substitute. I’ve tried brow powder, eyeshadow and a host of other brow products but this is the one I keep coming back to. The nature of the pencil doesn’t give me much of a clue of when it’ll run out. It’s the type where you click for product as you need it. There’s no turning (or clicking back) if you dole out too much, so it’s always best to be a bit cautious. Because of this, it’s always like playing Russian Roulette with this stick. I never know when I’ll run out and I dread the day when it’ll happen. Can’t wait to restock. I’m thinking I’ll have to do so sometime soon.

Dolly Wink liquid liner | In my 20-something years alive I have yet to master liquid liner. I have a thing about my eyes though. I was scarred with a bad eye makeup experience at a young age and I’ve only recently recovered from the trauma. With the help of this and some trusty scotch tape I can rock a pretty good cat eye, though!

Dolly Wink pencil liner | For the days when I just can’t be fussed applying (and re-applying) liquid eye liner to capture the best cat eye. It’s a work in progress.

Kiss Me Heroine Long and Curl mascara | I haven’t tried as many mascaras as most, but I’ve tried my fair share. For the most part I prefer to just curl my lashes. This was the mascara to bring be back on board. This gives me ridiculously long and curled lashes. Asian lashes are notoriously straight and this holds a curl for a long time. Ridiculously long. It’s a pain to take this off.


The Neutral | Sephora lipstick in No. 6. For days that I want a bit more brighter neutral, I mix it up with this pink-coral lip from Kevyn Aucoin in For Keeps.

The Pink | Urban Decay in Fiend and Kevyn Aucoin. These are pretty neutral pinks, even the coral. Something to wear for day when a true neutral just won’t cut it.

The Bright | I’m not one who likes vampy colours. Instead I’m the lone wolf rocking a bold, bright colours in the face of a dreary grey winter. My choice is OCC lip tar in Anime.


MUFE HD foundation (128) | For days I’ll need more coverage. This is my baseline shade or thereabouts. It’s a nice, lightweight shade in medium yellow. It’s great for spring and fall, but a tad too dark for the winter months.

HERA CC cream (Number 2: Natural Beige) | This works! Unbelievable, I know. My skin is a lot warmer and yellow-y than Asian cosmetics prefer, but Canadian winters are upon us! The only good thing about Canadian winters is that I can use this with great abandon. I can also use it during the other seasons, but I have to use it a bit more sparingly. It oxidizes perfectly to my skintone!

Korres Mineral Foundation (Medium Beige) | I’ve finally reached the dregs of this! I’m so happy! This is a really great mineral foundation. It acts as a sponge, keeping shiny face at bay. My standby during warmer months.


Beauty Blender | This is my third or fourth Beauty Blender. For those who gripe about the price, I buy these in pairs. On sale. It’s eliminated a good chunk of my brush use

Sephora eye spoolie + liner brush | This particular one is, sadly, discontinued. However, there is this alternative from Anastasia.

Koji eyelash curler (73) | This is going to make a lot of people angry, but it’s true. This eyelash curler is cheaper and better than the Shu.

Gauntlet. Thrown.

It just is. You know how the Shu is amazing at giving your lashes a lift and a very distinct curl? This does all of that and in one fell swoop. Koji has curlers of various widths–this particular one is labelled “wide”, but has one for normal and even baby/accent lashes. With the Shu I had to curl my lashes in stages. Annoying and it took a while since it’s not just a couple steps, as I like to curl my lashes from base to tip. What is about two or three stages with the Koji is double that with the Shu. I could go on and on, but I think this curler deserves its own review.

False Eyelashes | I’ve got a pair of low-brow and a pair of high-brow lashes. The low-brow come from Darkness, an Asian company with some seriously fierce lashes. The high-end lashes came from Shu. It’s the only reason why I’ve ever set foot inside a Holts. This was, of course, before Sephora started carrying Shu Uemura lashes.

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6 thoughts on “#shopthesteash: Beauty edition

  1. Hi Tiff,

    OMG! I’m ever so slightly curious as to HOW MUCH SKINCARE products you own now if it’s nothing compared to your make-up 🙂

    I have my eye on Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Fiend!!! It’s so pretty and I assume it will be a good nude shade for me. But I’m going to be good and not purchase it anytime soon, though seeing you mention it here did make me sigh a little. Lol!

    Keep up the good work with #shopthestash

    Sal | UmmBaby

    1. Hi Sal! Yes–the skin care stash is a lot. This isn’t all of the beauty products, but this is what I use daily. I love Fiend. It’s the perfect neutral pink! Stay strong and buy it as a reward when the spending ban is over! 2016!

      1. The days just pass in slow motion when you read a review of a product you desperately want right?!?

        Thank you for slowing down time for me 😉

        Sal xxx | UmmBaby

      2. AW Sal! I know..and I’m sorry! LOL Pay me back in kind with a review! PS. I read this promotion on my email and I’m really struggling! Argh! I’m half tempted to ask Jan to buy me something!

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