Tony Moly red apple hand cream masks haul

Haul | Tony Moly

Tony Moly red apple hand cream masks haul

First up: I’m still doing #shopthestash; these are all late holiday hauls. These hauls are scheduled to go until February, so…

Tony Moly opened recently. It’s been in Toronto for a while, but finally we have one here! YES!

A quick update for those who aren’t familiar with Tony Moly: It’s another K-brand that has recently made inroads in the North American market. They’re in Sephora, Urban Outfitters and have actual stores in a handful of cities with more slated to open in the future.

One of their hallmarks are cute packaging. Plastic tomatoes and apples house moisturizer and hand cream. Pandas want to help you erase those dark circles since they can’t do it themselves. We should feel sorry for pandas, guys.

I have a major soft spot for Tony Moly. It’s the only store where I got my nails done. For free.

Masks galore | I love a good sheet mask, but I especially love the packaging with Tony Moly. The ones with the drawings are bright and they strongly communicate what they are meant to do.

The other ones are regular masks with some novel and adventurous ingredients.

Baby Feet |  This is a Korean trend I saw years ago. I tried it when I was there, but to be honest it didn’t really do anything for me when I tried it. It’s still a trend, so I’m revisiting it with these. Almost every K-beauty brand has their own version and it’s often dramatically cheaper than their Western competitors. Excited to give this a go!


Have you bought anything from Tony Moly? What’s your
favourite product? What’s something you want to try?

Let me know in the comments below or via social media!

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2 thoughts on “Haul | Tony Moly

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am also a sucker for cute packaging, and Asian cosmetics really have the cutest! I have an adorable cat powder compact from Tony Moly that I love.

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