Sephora haul

Haul | Sephora

Sephora haulI used to be a major Sephora shopper. I’ve had VIB status a few times to prove it. I’ve been so loyal I remember the days before the BI program even happened. The good old days where you could get three samples with every  purchase, not just from online purchases.

Now I branch out and Sephora isn’t my main squeeze, but I can’t resist a good splurge from there every now and again.

1. Ole Henrikson Three Little Wonders Kit | I’ve tried the invigorating night treatment before and it was amazing. I didn’t quite want the trial-sized version so I sprung for the travel-sized version. I have way too many items I didn’t want to commit just yet, besides I’m a sucker for tiny glass packaging.

2. Jack Black SPF Lip Balm (Lemon)

3. Jack Black SPF Lip Balm (Mint)

Why so much lip balm, you ask? I don’t know. I go through a lot. I blame winter; my tendency to bite my lips when I’m nervous, anxious or thinking (pretty much all the time) and my tendency to lick my lips to alleviate all the damage I put it through. It’s a vicious feedback cycle that will never stop.

I need the SPF versions for when I get out of the house. I walk a lot so I’m really cognizant of any parts of my skin that catch more rays than the most. My lips and tip of my nose are the hotspots.

Normally mint is my standby, but I wanted to try something new so I went ahead and bought lemon as well. That, and they ran out of mint at the store I was at.

**This haul was one of the lasts of the year. Scheduling just required this one to be a bit late. Still shopping the stash, though!


10 thoughts on “Haul | Sephora

  1. Ah I miss Sephora, I wish there was one in England! I understand the need for many lip balms, I’m the same. I feel like there’s no such thing as too much lip balm 🙂 You’ve reminded me to get one with SPF though, I often forget that the lips need it as well!

    1. YES! But you have Sephora in Paris, which is a lot more accessible for you than for me. Plus Sephora does international shipping to the UK now! Ugh I know. Lip balms are like my kryptonite sometimes! Thanks for stopping by Sam!

    1. There is kind of an Asian Sephora–it’s called Aritaum. It has a lot of Korean brands in one store, but not everything. But yeah, if there was an Asian Sephora I don’t think I’d leave. Especially since I know just buying a little something would give me so many samples!

  2. Hi there,

    Just followed you on Bloglovin and thought I’d check out your blog after you left a lovely comment on mine!

    Wow! I now know the exact place to come to online for my skincare needs! Lovely!

    I so wanted to get those lip balms but when I put them into my basket online at Sephora they told me they couldn’t be shipped. Boohoo!!!

    I’m the same. I can get through lip balm like nothing else. It is totally a vicious cycle 🙂

    Sal xxx

    1. Thanks Sal! I know-lip balm is so great! I like lipstick too, so maybe that’s why. My lips have to endure so much that I like to spoil them!

    1. Hi Renata! I do, yes. The Bite lip crayon is Zinfandel. The pigmentation is great! Hopefully you can get your hands on it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am a nervous lip biter too. I just got a Jack Black balm trio. I think it also includes the pear flavor. Can’t wait to try them!!!!

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