Empties | December

I’m half-tempted to call last month the month of oils. I ran through a ton of catchy titles for this month’s empties, but a lot of the ones I came up with were pretty rude.

This month’s theme was all about hydration. My skin usually receives a beating from November through April. It’s battered, dry and cracking.

1. Sweet almond oil. | Back in the day, early on to my OCM experience, I bought this little bottle. Now I know better.

Take my advice, get a bottle that’s organic, cold- and expeller-pressed. It’s just better quality.

With all that aside, this is a pretty good moisturizer. I went through it ridiculously quickly (within the month) using it for body moisturizer and oil cleansing. You can also use sweet almond oil for facial moisturizer and around your eyes for extra hydration.

Definitely repurchasing.

Sweet Almond Oil can be found at select supermarkets, health food stores and online at iHerb. 

2. Sea buckthorn oil | This is a really great oil for my combination skin. It’s cheap, easily accessible (found at health stores and markets like Whole Foods) and very moisturizing without feeling too heavy.

The bad news is that it has a dark orange colour and can stain clothes and linens. It’s never happened to me, but the only solution I can think of is to apply it a bit earlier than normal. An amazing oil I will definitely repurchase.

Sea buckthorn oil can be found at select markets and health food stores. 

3. Sesame oil | I practice Ayurveda and I use sesame oil for body moisturizer. Not only is it insanely cheap and easy to pick up (the supermarket) it is so effective at keeping my skin hydrated. I put a bit of it on before a shower and it helps keep me from drying out. (I like my water hot; too bad it’s dehydrating). A quick rubdown of this before bed and I’m ready to head off into dreamland.

This is a no-brainer. I’m definitely repurchasing.

4. Argan oil | I love a good argan oil. I got this from local retailer, Scentuals. It’s no nonsense argan oil. No fancy packaging. There’s no eye dropper; with facial care I had to err on the side of caution and pour out a little less than I would use. That is until I got myself an empty bottle and decanted. It was great as a body moisturizer and worked well when I applied it to the ends of my hair.

The quality of the argan oil is great and I got two bottles (30 ml) for $20 CDN via a promotion. It goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot for quality. I will definitely be repurchasing and perhaps checking out other products.

Sample Saturday Selections

One Love Organics Vitamin C serumThis is a pretty good serum. Very hydrating and lightweight. The cost though…that just kills me.

Kahina Giving Beauty facial lotion | This was a surprising thing for me. As someone who isn’t too fond of lotion, this was pretty good!

Kahina Giving Beauty brightening serumAnother serum that I liked. Hydrating, lightweight and jam-packed with skin goodies. Pricy, but one to spring for–eventually.


3 thoughts on “Empties | December

      1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes–argan oil has really helped my hair too. The ends get a lot of love whenever I put a bit of it on.

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