DIY December: DIY oil control sheets

My favourite oil blotter sheets are from Clean and Clear. They’re blue, made of plastic and have considerable heft than a lot of blotter sheets on the market. That’s probably because the other ones are made of paper.

Because those little blue sheets cost a lot of money, I’ve turned onto the paper blotter sheets. You know the type–thin and ridiculously sheer, they make me feel a bit horrified after looking at one used on a really sunny day.

Sometimes I don’t have any sheets with me and I have to improvise. Paper towels or napkins can work in a pinch as well, but I sort of like keeping blotter sheets in a case.

This DIY is incredibly simple. All you need are three products and you’re set.

DIY supplies

1. Gift tissue paper from the dollar store. The decorative kind you stuff into gifts to hide them/make them look a lot more grander to the recipient than they are.

2. Scissors, an X-acto knife or paper cutter.

3. A neat case for your blotter sheets.

4. A template and market

This DIY isn’t all that original, but when I found it, it was earth shattering.

Super simple steps to making your own DIY blotter sheets

1. Purchase your tissue sheets. All the colours work the same, so if you prefer you can have a rainbow of sheets or just one colour that cheers you up.

2. Gather the rest of your supplies–scissors and a nice case. I reuse a case I got from blotting sheets I got from Joe Fresh. Any case will do, including cute cases for business cards.

3. Cut them into pieces. If you are incredibly detail-oriented or have lots of time and patience, feel free to create a template made of cardboard or sturdy cardstock to create your blotter sheets. Mark the templates, go crazy with a ruler and cut them precisely to the exact measurements.

I’m an impatient person and devoting that much time to such a simple DIY would just hurt my soul. So I do a lot of guestimation.

4. Marvel at your cool new blotter sheets! A caveat to this DIY: this is a cheap way to keep your mug oil-free, but with the quality of the paper you might have to use a lot more sheets than you normally would.

The quality of the sheets are comparable to the lower-end blotter sheets you could buy at drugstores so for me it’s a pretty good tradeoff!


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