Sample Selection Saturday | Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion

AMtoPM Kahina Giving Beauty facial lotion

I’m not too fond of lotion, especially in the winter, but I decided to give this an honest try seeing how much I love the argan oil from this brand.

What is it?

This facial lotion is part of Kahina Giving Beauty’s basic line. Besides the argan facial oil, this line comprises of the cleanser, toner and lotion.

This lotion is supposed to hydrate, protect skin from prep skin for makeup.

In brief: the good and the ugly

The Good: 

I love the ingredient list. It’s free of any additives: no parabens, phthalates, additional colour or fragrance. I’m always happy when that happens! I love that this has argan oil and other skin goodies.

I love the packaging. Like all Kahina Giving Beauty products, this lotion is encased in wonderfully opaque and aesthetically-pleasing indigo bottles. I could marry this bottle, it’s that gorgeous.

Obviously, I didn’t get the bottle but it’s a great plus.

As performance goes, I found that it lives up to its claims. This is a great base under makeup and off-duty (read:no makeup) this kept my skin moisturized throughout the day.

So light! If you’re one of those people who don’t like things that weigh their skin down – who does, really? – this is for you.

No oily hands! For me, an avid and regular user of facial oils and oily serums, I don’t notice any sort of residue that someone who is a casual user of either might. Even better, there isn’t a slimy residue either – something that I’m not too fond of about lotions.

The Ugly:

The cost! It’s a bit high for me right now, bearing in mind I have a ton of moisturizers at my disposal. (That’s taking out all the facial oils I have out of the equation.)

Water as the first ingredient. This is a personal preference. I just don’t like paying for things where the first, and main, ingredient happens to be water. It kills me like nothing else and I take great pains to read the ingredient list to prevent it from happening. Despite the water issue, I find this to be a pretty hydrating lotion.

Would I purchase?


I was fully prepared going into this not to like this lotion. As a general principle, I don’t really like lotion. I prefer oil because I find it to be more effective at hydrating my skin. This lotion feels like it’s in between a facial oil and lotion. If you have oily skin or are not sure that facial oil is for you, I’d recommend trying this item.

This was pretty good; this coming from someone who doesn’t really lotion.

If you like lotion, I’d highly recommend it.

Facial lotion (50 ml, $69 CDN, plus tax) can be found on the Kahina Giving Beauty site – Americans only – and online and in store at various retailers for everyone else.


3 thoughts on “Sample Selection Saturday | Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion

  1. I’ve had my eye on Kahina products for a long time, love the look of their packaging! I’m the same as you about water being top of the list though, I always think products could do without water as the base ingredient! x

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