AMtoPM sick argan oil lush full of grace smith's rose balm

Three things…to use when you’re sick

AMtoPM sick argan oil lush full of grace smith's rose balm

For the last week and a half I’ve been struck down with a massive bout of flu, which is why the blog has been so silent and why the posts have been showing up with no fanfare and often no photos.

Everyone receives the same general advice to get well quickly: lots of rest and copious amounts of fluids (hot water with lemon, hot water, homemade ginger tea).

Here are three of my skin saviours to use whilst ill and to bounce back from sickness.

1. A good facial moisturizer | My skin took a massive toll with all the tissues I bombarded it with last week. Massive applications of serum, moisturizer and facial oil helped add a small amount of hydration back to my ravaged skin.

The one I used the most was my Lush Full of Grace serum bar. This was partly out of sheer convenience: I could wash my face and swipe the bar on – which happened more often – washed my hands, rubbed it in between my palms a few times and applied to my face.

It was partly out of sheer efficiency: the serum bar is gangbusters at delivering hydration and it helped calmed down the massive redness I’d get on my face.

Bonus: The frequent use it got last week barely made a dent on it. It still looks brand new.

2. My trusty lip balm | Severe dehydration last week caused my lips to crack, chap and bleed. (I was really sick and it was very cold.)

For the first few days when I stubbornly went out and pretended nothing was wrong this was a lifesaver. This rose lip balm is compact, portable and packs a massive punch.

For the days when I was really sick I switched over to Weleda Skin Food because even though it’s a lot more cumbersome to use – thick and gooey, your lips aren’t going to be eating or drinking anything until it sinks in – it was a lot more effective at keeping my lips hydrated. (I can’t recommend this enough for super dry and dehydrated lips!)

3. A good oil cleanser | By now you’ve probably realized the theme to this post: hydration.

I was extremely dehydrated inside and out, despite all the water I drank and all the moisturizer I put on. Normally I don’t put argan oil into my oil cleanser, but I had to put in a few drops for the past couple weeks to soothe my parched skin.

Since I discovered oil cleansing, it has been my favourite method of cleansing. It was especially nice to do this when I was sick because it helped add some hydration to my skin.

After rinsing, my skin felt amazing and hydrated. The dry patches I started getting on my cheeks felt a little better.

Bonus tip: Since I did the oil cleansing method, instead of just using an oil cleanser, I used steam to help open up the pores and let the oil do its thing.

This was the best to help me feel better! Mentally and physically.


Are there any rituals or things that help you get better quickly or
help you bounce back faster? Let me know in the comments
below of via social media.

I’ll keep them in mind for the next time I’m ill.

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