Haul | Daiso

AMtoPM Daiso haul

Daiso, much like iHerb isn’t a traditional beauty store.

In fact, it is a Japanese dollar store.

It is the most amazing thing ever.

I only have one Daiso near me now. While I was away, I lived near five of them. It saved my life! I furnished my apartment, bought utensils and cooking equipment and pretty much supplemented every aspect of my life. All thanks to Daiso.

Daiso has a pretty good, but small, selection of beauty items. Some facial sheets, masks, lotions, eye stuff. New stuff on the beauty front each time I go there. No, there probably won’t be any brands that you will be familiar with. Not even if you’re pretty familiar with Asian cosmetics.

Don’t let that discourage you though! You can find some real gems; you just have to be willing to go around the store and look for them.

Going into a Daiso can be dangerous though. It has so many things that you may pick up and realize you need and how did you ever manage life without it?! Coupled with how cheap everything is and it’s really easy to fall into a slippery slope of just browsing to cleaning out the aisles.

Seriously. You can go in with one specific item to buy and walk out with a basket full of goodies. True story. It’s happened to me more than once.

In fact that was kind of what happened in this instance. I had originally gone into Daiso for a travel dispenser and facial sheets. As you can see, I got none of those and tons of the above!

Honestly I’m pretty happy with my purchases!

I just bought two things.

Blank sheet masks. I bought two of these to compare the quality. Blank sheet masks are amazing for DIY facials.

That scary looking mask is a silicone mask to lay atop your sheet mask. Before you ask, yes. You will look like a serial killer, but I am trying it to see if it’ll help lock in moisture. Look forward to a review soon!


For those of you who are lucky enough to have been to a Daiso
(even once) do you agree with me? Isn’t it just the best?!
If you do agree – if you don’t agree – let’s discuss!

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3 thoughts on “Haul | Daiso

  1. I’d never heard of Daiso until recently, pretty sure we don’t have them in the UK – we have barely anything here 😉 I’d really like to check one out though! I know all too much about buying more than you intended to, but in a dollar store it’s allowed, right? 🙂

    1. Some of the things inside are just genius! I suppose it’s allowed, it’s just the aftermath. When you come home and you go…”I wanted this, WHY?!”

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